Did Amy Loughren Get a Heart Surgery?

Image Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube

Netflix’s crime film ‘The Good Nurse’ follows the true story of Amy Loughren, who discovers that her colleague Charles “Charlie” Cullen is a serial killer. Amy teams up with detectives Tim Braun and Danny Baldwin to bring him to justice. As the film depicts, Amy helped the authorities to solve the Charles Cullen murders while dealing with a life-threatening heart condition. She needed a heart transplant but the nurse prioritized capturing the serial killer to avoid the deaths of patients she and her co-workers were supposed to take care of. So, did Amy get the heart transplant she needed? Let us share what we know about the same!

Is Amy Loughren Healthy Now?

When Amy Loughren was working with Charles Cullen at Somerset Medical Center, she was suffering from cardiomyopathy, a disease that restricts the heart from pumping blood to the rest of the body. Cullen always helped her so that her workload would be less for her to manage her ailing heart. Around that time, Amy also had a pacemaker surgery, according to Charles Graeber’s eponymous source text of the film. “Sometimes she [Amy] could feel it [her heart] stop beating until her pacemaker kicked in. Somehow, death didn’t scare her like it was supposed to,” Graeber wrote in his book.

When Amy started to assist Braun and Baldwin, they also noticed her pacemaker scar. “It was the first time the detectives had seen her [Amy’s] pacemaker scar. And that changed the mood. They offered to let her parachute on the whole deal, right now, not wanting her to die from the stress or whatever. Amy assured them it was fine, and, despite her hammering heart, made it believable with practiced calm,” Graeber added. According to Tobias Lindholm, the director of ‘The Good Nurse,’ Amy’s heart condition was more severe than he expected. “I met her [Amy] in New York… and everything was confirmed. On top of that, she was more brilliant than I thought, more human. Her [heart] disease had been much worse [than I thought],” the director told BBC News.

Amy received the heart surgery she needed 18 years ago. The surgery, which was reportedly “experimental,” helped her to be healthy and divert her life to a new path. She quit nursing after Cullen’s arrest and became a hypnotist, NLP practitioner, and past-life regression therapist. She also focuses on Reiki healing, crystal language reading, medical intuition, hypnotherapy, etc. She currently lives in the city of DeLand in Florida. Amy continues to nurture a close connection with her daughters Maya and Alex.

As Amy looks back at her life, she knows that she is a different person, especially due to her heart surgery. “[…] I am much more wise, I have so much more confidence, I’m not 17-18 years outside of my heart surgery, so I’m more healthy,” she told TooFab.

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