Did Jay Leave Chicago PD for Good? Will Jesse Lee Soffer Return to Chicago PD?

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Detective Jay Halstead in NBC’s police procedural series ‘Chicago P.D.,’ startled the ardent admirers of the show by announcing his departure from the series ahead of the tenth season. The actor parted ways with the show after featuring in 189 episodes of the ten seasons. In the third episode of season 10, Jay decides to leave Intelligence and Chicago upon accepting an army job that takes him to Bolivia. Jay’s absence severely affects his wife Hailey Upton, who starts to work overtime to not immerse in the thoughts of her husband. Inspired by Jay’s absence, we have found out whether we can expect Jesse’s return to the police procedural. Here are our findings!

Did Jay Leave Chicago PD for Good? Will Jesse Lee Soffer Return to the Show?

First of all, let us share the latest update. Jesse Lee Soffer is returning to ‘Chicago P.D.’ However, fans of Jay Halstead may need to continue their wait to see their beloved character back on screen since Jesse isn’t returning as Jay. The actor will be rejoining the show to direct the sixteenth episode of the tenth season. The episode is slated to air sometime in 2023. Jesse had already confirmed the news as well. But what about Jay? Will Jesse return as an actor to the police procedural? Here’s what we know.

Neither NBC nor Jesse has announced the actor’s return as Jay to the show, indicating that Jesse’s return as the detective most likely is not part of the current plans. Although fans must be expecting a cameo from the actor in the episode he is slated to direct, the probability of the same is low enough to look forward to it. However, it doesn’t mean that Jesse will never return to ‘Chicago P.D.’ as Jay. Since the character is alive and considering the returns of the former cast members of the ‘One Chicago’ franchise, Jesse may return in the future as well.

Before Jay leaves for Bolivia, he reaffirms his feelings for his wife Hailey. “It’s not forever, it’s eight months, maybe a little longer. But I swear to you that we’re gonna get through this because you’re the love of my life,” Jay tells her. Jay’s words assure that he can very well return to Hailey’s life and Chicago after eight months, possibly paving the way for Jesse’s return as the admired character. Jay’s revelation can also be an indication from the creative heads of the show that the character didn’t leave the show for good. Thus, although we may not see Jay in the near future, his return is indeed a possibility.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

In the wake of Jesse’s decision to leave the show, showrunner Gwen Sigan expressed how much he will be missed. “We’re all very sad about it [Soffer’s exit]. Jesse’s meant so much to this show, and you couldn’t ask for more professional and kind person to work with. So we’re all going to be so devastated,” Sigan told Variety. If the actor ever decides to return to the show, Sigan may be more than happy to welcome him back. Like Jesse Spencer returned as Matthew Casey in the tenth season finale of ‘Chicago Fire,’ the other Jesse may also return to the ‘One Chicago’ franchise.

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