Did Sharna Burgess Leave Dancing With The Stars? Where is She Now?

Image Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube

Renowned dancer Sharna Burgess has been a regular on the exciting TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ since season 16. She performs as a professional partner on the show and even went on to win season 27 alongside her celebrity partner, Bobby Bones. Hence, fans were shocked when they could not find Sharna in season 31 of the show. Thus, with viewers clamoring to know more, we decided to discover the reason behind her absence and find out where she is at present!

Why Is Sharna Burgess Not On DWTS Season 31?

Sharna Burgess first appeared on ‘DWTS’ season 16, where she paired up with her celebrity partner, Andy Dick, and finished in the seventh position. Since then, she has been known for her incredible talent and technique, which not only helped her become a runner-up in multiple seasons but also took her to the very top in season 27, when she and Bobby Bones were crowned the winners.

Moreover, apart from her performances on stage, Sharna is also known for her cheerful, lively, yet down-to-earth personality, which endeared her to fans. Thus, viewers were left with several questions when they were unable to spot Sharna in season 31 of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ While there were numerous speculations about Sharna’s appearance in season 31 of ‘DWTS’ nothing was confirmed until August 31, 2022. On August 31, Sharna ultimately took to Instagram and squashed all rumors by announcing that she would not be appearing in season 31.

When talking about the reason, the professional dancer mentioned that she and her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, welcomed their first child Zane on June 28, 2022, and that it was her personal choice not to appear on the show. Interestingly, Sharna made it quite clear that she has since recovered from her pregnancy and was completely fit to dance. However, she claimed that she hated the idea of leaving her son alone for hours on end, even more so because she is a “full-time breastfeeding mother.”

In fact, talking about her motherly duties and her thought process behind the decision, Sharna said, “I just am so in love with being a mom. As much as it was hard to say no to ‘Dancing’ … I have this family and this newborn at home that I may never get these moments back [with].”

Where Is Sharna Burgess Now?

Having given up on the show due to her motherly duties, Sharna Burgess is enjoying time at home alongside her son, Zane. From the looks of it, the professional dancer is entirely in love with motherhood and cannot keep herself from documenting every single detail about her baby on social media. She even celebrated her son’s 2-month birthday with an adorable post on Instagram and called Zane her “forever and always.” Besides, Sharna and Brian are delighted to be with each other, and it is heart-warming to witness their blossoming love.

Unfortunately, Sharna has not talked much about her current professional commitments as she wants to focus on being the perfect mother for the time being. However, fans need not get distressed as she did mention that there is a chance for her to make a cameo appearance in ‘DWTS’ season 31.

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