Did Steve Jones and Chrissie Hynde Get Married in Real Life?

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FX on Hulu’s biographical drama series ‘Pistol’ centers around the life of Steve Jones, the lead guitarist of the English punk rock band Sex Pistols, and the emergence of his band in the 1970s. Along with an enthralling portrayal of Sex Pistol’s history, the limited series shed light on Steve’s personal life, depicting his relationship with his parents, other band members, and Chrissie Hynde.

In the show, Steve and Chrissie share companionship, and the two of them even maintain an on-and-off sexual relationship. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to know whether the same had developed into a marriage. Let’s find out!

Did Steve Jones and Chrissie Hynde Get Married?

No, Steve Jones and Chrissie Hynde did not get married in real life. As the show depicts, Steve and Chrissie had a sexual relationship during their early years of acquaintance, especially when the latter was working at Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s boutique named SEX. “When Chrissie was working at the shop she’d shut the place up and we’d put Malcolm and Vivienne’s gospel of Sex into practice,” Steve wrote in his autobiography titled ‘Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol.’ However, their relationship did not progress beyond the same to a marriage.

During the same period, in the mid-70s, Chrissie was dating rock critic Nick Kent. In 1983, she had a daughter, Natalie, with the former The Kinks’ lead singer Ray Davies. In 1984, the Ohio native married Jim Kerr, the lead singer of the band Simple Minds, and had her second daughter Yasmin the next year. The couple divorced in 1990. In 1997, Chrissie married Colombian artist and sculptor Lucho Brieva and the couple’s life together lasted until 2002. Chrissie also dated Welsh singer JP Jones. The musician is seemingly currently single.

On the other hand, Steve never got married or even seemingly had a meaningful relationship. In his autobiography, titled ‘Lonely Boy,’ he opened up about being abused by his stepfather and how it turned him into a sex addict. According to Steve, the abuse even affected his ability to form a settled or long-term relationship. “It [the abuse] wasn’t the end of the world. I wasn’t locked in a dungeon or anything like that. But it did enough to send me spinning. Looking back, that’s why I’ve never been able to settle with anyone and why I’ve ended up a sex addict,” Steve said, per The Daily Mirror.

During Steve’s years of youth, he was involved with several individuals sexually. “Hookers, hot chicks, fucking street people—anything. It was like, I didn’t give a f**k. I had this urge. It was bizarre, it got dark as well, you know. But I have no idea how many I’ve steamed into,” he told Vice in 2017 about his life as a sex addict. However, that phase of life doesn’t exist anymore. “But I don’t really do it anymore—not that much anymore,” he added.

According to reports, the rock guitarist currently lives in Los Angeles County and is single. As far as marriage is concerned, Steve and Chrissie continued their life journey on two different paths. Still, they share an admirable friendship. “And Chrissie’s been a good friend over the years. I hope she’d say the same of me,” Steve wrote about Chrissie in his autobiography.

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