Dirty Cookie Shark Tank Update: Where Is Dirty Cookie Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Season 13 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘ witnessed entrepreneur Shahira Marei present her unique cookie company, Dirty Cookie. Dirty Cookie’s claim to fame is a special kind of cookie that is shaped in the form of shot glasses and served with milk inside. Such an interesting, exciting, and delicious creation sure deserved a detailed look, and here is what we found out!

Dirty Cookie: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Although the mastermind behind Dirty Cookie, Shahira Marei, is quite experienced in establishing and operating a startup, she had never baked professionally before starting her own company. Shahira completed her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the California State University, Fullerton, and in October 2008, entered her professional life as a Project Billing Coordinator for TRC. She has also managed projects at top companies like IBM Global Business Services and Boeing before taking on the position of Startup Consultant at S & S Enterprises.

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Shahira earned her MBA in Business Administration and Management in 2013 while she continued working. She established her own company, Dirty Cookie, in January of 2015. As a young girl on a trip to Egypt, she was quite touched after witnessing the plight of people from underprivileged backgrounds. Although she asked her father to help them financially, he taught her that the only way to help someone was by offering them jobs to earn their livelihood. That lesson was embossed in Shahira’s mind, and thus, she began her own company with the dream of enhancing the lives of people around her.

Dirty Cookie is a fascinating concept as it takes a regular cookie and turns it into a shot glass. The cookie glasses are then filled with milk or other beverages, making the whole experience quite exciting and fun. Besides, the company even sells regular stuffed cookies, and Shahira takes pride in her company’s open and honest policies, which prioritize the customer over everything else.

Where Is Dirty Cookie Now?

Right after its launch, Dirty Cookie was met with outstanding reviews, and Shahira witnessed her business growing in leaps and bounds. She even had to work extra hard in order to introduce several other flavors and varieties that helped retain the massive customer base. As the business reached new heights, Dirty Cookie’s popularity also led to it being featured on popular shows and publications like Forbes, The Food Network, GMA, and Today.

At present, Dirty Cookie focuses heavily on social work through their Shot for Education program, through which they donate a portion of each purchase to certain non-profit organizations that help the youth with higher education. To date, their social service program has enabled Dirty Cookie to partner with organizations like The Freedom Story, Girls Who Code, Citizen Schools, and Students Rising Above, among others. Besides, Shahira mentioned in the show that she believed in paying it forward and dreamt of building a company that would revolve around its employees.

For people interested in trying out Dirty Cookie, their products are available on Amazon as well as their official website. Shot Glasses can be purchased in assorted packs that will set you back by $44.99, whereas other varieties range from $34.99 to $49.99. On the other hand, customers can also purchase stuffed cookie packs for $34.99 or directly get in touch with the company for corporate events or gifting. Witnessing Dirty Cookie’s growth is incredible, and Shahira’s exemplary business practices have all but ensured further success in the future.

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