Does the Dog Die in Your Honor?

Showtime’s ‘Your Honor’ follows a complex story of crime and justice and how a parent’s love for their child affects their judgment. The protagonist of the story is Michael Desiato, who serves as a judge and is known never to waver when it comes to abiding by the law. But when his son, Adam, kills the son of a gangster in a hit-and-run case, Michael has to revisit his code of conduct because he knows that if the truth comes to light, his son will be dead, no matter what sentence the law levies on him. Saving his son leads him down a dangerous path where one lies, breeds another, and then another, which further leads to bloodshed. Everyone around Michael is threatened by his enemies, even his dog, Django. SPOILERS AHEAD

Django the Dog Survives the Events of Season 2

A lot of people die by the time the story of ‘Your Honor’ wraps up for good, but fortunately, the Desiato family’s dog, Django, is not one of them. The faithful had been with the family for a long time and alert as always, he does everything he can to protect them. He guards them with their life, always being on alert and ready to attack anyone who seems dangerous. With his family members becoming more and more paranoid about their safety, their psychological state has an impact on the dog, too, and every time a stranger approaches, the dog is on guard to protect his humans.

There are a couple of times when it seems like the dog’s life may be in danger, too. We know that Michael and Adam are under threat from the Baxter family in the first season, and Jimmy Baxter has his ways to send a message. Luckily, killing a dog is not his way of doing things. If we didn’t hate him already, he would surely become irredeemable if he harmed a hair on that dog. Still, every time something bad happens to Django, we can’t help but wonder if the Baxters had something to do with it.

One time, in Season 1, Django falls sick, and it is suspected that he may have been poisoned. However, later, Michael confesses that he just forgot to give the dog his medicine, which led to his bad health. Another time the dog gets sick is when he eats a part of the brain of a blackmailer who had been hounding Michael and was killed inside the house. Michael hides the whole chain of events from his son, and while the blackmailer’s body is disposed of, that part of his brain remains. When Django tries to eat it, Michael lets him, but later, the dog gets sick and spits out the thing that has the potential to cause a lot of trouble for his own.

In Season 2, things are much less dangerous for Django as he doesn’t come across any life-threatening events. In the end, when Michael Desiato comes clean about all of his crimes and goes back to prison, Django is left with Michael’s mother-in-law, living safe and sound under her care.

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