Do 1000-lb Sisters Get Paid? How Much Do They Make Per Episode?

Ever since its premiere in 2020, TLC’s ‘My 1000-lb Sisters’ has drawn fans in by documenting the fascinating lives of sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton. After all, as the title suggests, they weighed over 1,000 pounds combined in the first episode and have since been trying to combat their mental and physical problems to start leading a good life. Their resolve, actions, and newfound fame have also turned them into a topic of discussion, though, especially when it comes to their finances. So now, if you wish to know precisely how much the sisters earn, we’ve got you covered.

How Much Do 1000-lb Sisters Get Paid Per Episode?

Neither Amy nor Tammy Slaton has ever revealed the exact payment they receive from TLC, but it could be in the range of $2,500 per episode right now. We assume so because it is known that the cast members of ’90 Day Fiancé’ earn about $1,000 to $1,500 per episode, whereas those of ‘Little People, Big World’ make between $7,000 and $10,000 per installment. In fact, as per reports, the network’s average wage for reality stars is $1,500 on the low end and $3,000 at the high end at first, which can often go to $7,000-$10,000 per episode after three years of continued success.

Amy and Tammy Slaton: 1000-Lb Sisters Journey

With that said, Amy and Tammy do get other benefits, which appear to be more necessary for them right now anyway. Tammy has candidly told fans that TLC would pay for her weight-loss assist surgery and the subsequent medical care as long as she continues to be a part of the show. They have already done so for Amy and will do so for her as well. All she has to do is control her diet and exercise to lose enough weight on her own to qualify for the operation.

This advantage is exceptionally vital for the sisters, especially considering how Amy and Tammy grew up poor, and the latter all but implied that she is broke back in early 2021. In a since-deleted comment on her public TikTok account, when someone stated that she should buy a new phone as she’s rich, Tammy replied that she is not as well-off as people assume. She said that she and Amy do not make money off of the network — it’s always the other way around.

However, the sisters do have other sources of income as they are famous YouTubers and social media personalities with an incredible fan following. From Cameos to selling merchandise (a business that has since failed) to possible promotional and sponsored content, Amy and Tammy Slaton have done it all; that’s why their estimated net worth is $250k and $100k, respectively. This number, along with their salary from TLC, is only bound to increase with time, though, because, let’s be honest, the sisters and their antics have completely enamored reality television fans.

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