Do Addison and Zed Break Up or End Up Together in Zombies 3?

Zombies 3’ picks up the story of Addison and Zed and adds a new chapter to their relationship where they have to brave their worst struggle yet. When the aliens come knocking on their door, they are forced to make peace with the fact that things might not go as planned for them. Despite their deep love for each other, it seems like there are too many problems in their way, keeping them apart. With a startling revelation about Addison’s origins, a new set of responsibilities fall on her shoulders. What does this mean for her future with Zed? Do they end up with each other? Here’s what happens to the couple. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Addison and Zed End Up Together?

Yes, despite all the hurdles that come their way, Addison and Zed end up together in the end. The odds seemed to have been stacked against them from the beginning. At the start of their relationship, they had to keep it a secret because back then, zombies were not the generally accepted lot in town. But they braved that storm and came out stronger than ever. Now, with the final year of school, they are, once again, forced to face the possibility that their relationship might come to a halt because monsters are not yet allowed into colleges. It feels like the beginning of their relationship all over again, and things seem more uncertain now because they have to leave the confines of their town and go out into the big bad world.

Addison has already secured a place at Mountain College and she is desperately waiting for Zed to do the same. He is holding his breath, waiting for approval from the college but something always seems to go wrong. First, the aliens arrive out of nowhere, and then he zombies out in front of the person who is supposed to approve his application. Eventually, however, with a little help from his friends, aliens included, he succeeds in securing a place for himself in Mountain College too.

But then, things get more complicated when it is revealed that Addison is an alien. Not only that, but she is also the only thing that can lead the aliens to their new home, the one they have been searching for for a very long time. Knowing how important it is for them, and how she is the only chance they have at finding a home, Addison decides to give up her life in Seabrook and joins them on their quest to discover utopia. While this means that they will have to part, Zed respects her decision. 

He tries to make things right by leaving the Earth for her. He wants them to stay together forever, and he is ready to leave everything he’s worked for because all of that had been for her anyway. But it turns out that another species cannot survive intergalactic travel on their spaceship. So, Zed has to make peace with the fact that he will have to live on Earth, a million miles away from Addison.

However, in the end, the aliens discover that their utopia is Seabrook itself. They didn’t need to live in a perfect place, but they needed a place where differences were celebrated and problems were resolved through love. This leads them to turn the ship around and Addison comes back just in time to attend the graduation ceremony. With her back on Earth for good, the original plan of Addison and Zed going to college and staying together forever is back on track.

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