Do Annie and Tyler Get Together in Sweet Magnolias Season 2?

Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is a romantic drama TV series based on the eponymous novels by Sherryl Woods. It revolves around three childhood friends Dana Sue, Maddie, and Helen who support each other through the rollercoaster journey of life. Along the way, they face the complexities of love and further deal with the struggles of parenting in the town of Serenity. Fans love the show for its realistic portrayal of life in a small town as well as the challenges faced by adolescents as they inch closer to adulthood.

Dana Sue’s daughter Annie and Maddie’s elder son Tyler share a complicated friendship that gets strained after she confesses her feelings for him in a drunken state. It gets worse after he publicly humiliates her unintentionally and as season 1 ends, their fates are left hanging after the car crash. Viewers are thus curious to know if their relationship survives and whether they end up as a couple or not. Let’s find out what happens. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Annie and Tyler End Up Together?

No, Annie and Tyler do not get together. After Tyler rejects her advances, he decides to date CeCe in season 1. Annie is initially uncomfortable seeing them together but gradually moves on by agreeing to go with Simon to the prom. After the life-altering car accident, Tyler and Annie survive unharmed and she feels guilty about not having stopped the fight that caused it. On the other hand, Tyler fractures his arm after confronting Jackson in the hospital and has to temporarily give up baseball. This badly affects his morale and he begins isolating himself from everyone.

Annie tries to speak to Kyle but gets a rude response, and thus she begins resenting both him and Tyler. She further defends Jackson from the bullies in school, much to Tyler’s chagrin as he detests him. As time passes, Jackson and Annie spend more time together and develop feelings for each other. Despite several efforts to maintain their relationship, Tyler and CeCe grow apart over the summer and the final blow to their relationship occurs when Tyler expresses his annoyance over Annie and Jackson’s proximity to her.

Already insecure about Tyler’s unresolved feelings for Annie, CeCe feels even more frustrated at his remarks and breaks up with him later. Annie begins to gradually get over her hurt and approaches Tyler when she hears him playing the guitar on his porch. They reconcile with each other as well as with Kyle, and their friendship starts getting back on track. Moreover, Tyler finds a new direction in life when he decides to expand his passions beyond baseball. He finally accepts his circumstances and has a happy reunion with Kyle and Annie at Ms. Frances’ memorial party.

Annie jokingly comments that they are the brothers that she never wanted, and hence they put their past conflicts behind them. Although Tyler and she don’t end up together as a couple, the normalcy in their friendship gets restored and they begin respecting each other.

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