Do Archie and Veronica Get Back Together in Riverdale Season 5?

Image Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

Like most other ‘Riverdale‘ relationships, Archie and Veronica have to face betrayals and love triangles as they try to navigate a path towards happiness. Unfortunately, season 4 sees the couple face a setback when Archie has a moment of weakness with Betty. Moreover, with the show highlighting Veronica’s marriage in season 5, there were speculations about the future of the couple. In the light of such rumors, we decided to dig in and find out if Veronica and Archie will get back together in ‘Riverdale’ season 5.

What Happens to Veronica and Archie?

From the very beginning of the show, the romantic connection between Archie and Veronica is pretty apparent. The two are extremely comfortable together, and although they face an initial bump on the road due to Betty, they soon take to each other and start dating. After dealing with most obstacles that come their way, they soon face their fair share of drama, leading to altercations. However, they manage to recover and stay strong in their commitment.

Unfortunately, season 4 spells doom for the couple as Archie and Betty pretend to be together to spread the lie about Jughead’s death. The line between pretense and reality soon blurs as old feelings resurface, and Archie ends up kissing Betty, thus making them cheat on their respective partners. Although the two decide to keep the affair a secret, fans weren’t convinced about the authenticity of the promise.

Do Archie and Veronica Get Back Together in Riverdale Season 5?

Although Archie and Veronica try their best to rekindle their romance, their surroundings make it impossible for them to get back together. Season 5 sees ‘Riverdale’ take a seven-year time jump, at the end of which we see Veronica married to Chad Gekko and living in New York. However, her marriage is not a happy one as Chad turns out to be controlling and jealous.

Soon Veronica plans on leaving the marriage and even reconnects with Archie, who stays back in Riverdale. With Veronica’s marriage still not over, the two try and revisit their romance but soon find out that they have different goals in life. Unable to make their relationship work, Veronica plans on moving back to New York while Archie finds solace in Betty’s arms.

Archie and Betty then try out a purely physical relationship before binning it and remaining friends. However, in the end, they decide to rekindle their romance and are about to cross the line when a bomb begins ticking under Archie’s bed, leaving their fates unknown. On the other hand, Veronica finds out about Chad’s attempt at killing Archie under Hiriam’s orders. This forces the couple into a violent altercation, and Chad ends up losing his life at Veronica’s hands.

She then decides to stay back in Riverdale, where she starts a jewelry shop, launches a business called Pearls and Posh, and opens up a casino along with Reggie Mantle. The show even teases Reggie and Veronica’s relationship as the two end up kissing towards the end of the season. Thus, with Archie now invested in Betty and Veronica sharing a kiss with Reggie, we can safely say that Veronica and Archie did not get back together in Riverdale season 5.

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