Do Devon and Leela Break Up in The Resident? [Theories]

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The fifth season of FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ depicts Devon Pravesh and Leela Devi making progress in their respective careers after moving in together. In between their hectic hospital schedules, they nurture an admirable relationship. They succeed in cherishing a strong bond irrespective of their differences, at least until Leela’s sister Padma resurfaces in their lives to express her wish to be a mother. Padma requests Leela’s eggs to move forward with IVF procedures, which paves the way for life-altering consequences in Devon and Leela’s relationship. So, do they part ways? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Devon and Leela Break Up?

After being in a committed relationship with Devon, Leena makes it clear to her boyfriend that she doesn’t want to have kids for the time being. As someone who aspires to become a double board-certified surgeon, focusing on both cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery, she doesn’t have the time and energy to become a mother. She prioritizes her career over potential motherhood, despite Devon’s wish to have children. When Padma fails to find a trustworthy sperm donor, Devon steps up to help her, infuriating Leela. She tells him that he cannot be the donor when her egg is used for the IVF procedures.

Image Credit: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Although Devon explains that he is only trying to help Padma, Leela understands her boyfriend’s desire to become a father. For Leela, “the help” Devon wants to offer her sister is nothing but a way for him to have “their child.” She fails to tolerate such an intention, leading the couple to address the conflict of interest between them. Devon tells Leela that he definitely wants kids in the future, only for her to express that she doesn’t want the same. In the spur of the moment, he declares that their relationship has met an end, indicating their break up.

Since Devon and Leela’s plans and aspirations for their lives ahead are extremely incompatible, their breakup isn’t a surprise. Considering Leela’s need of making career-defining decisions, it is unlikely that she will consider Devon’s wish to have a child instead of completely investing her time in her career. Devon, on the other hand, has held back his desire to become a father for a long time and may not continue to do the same anymore. He is at a stage where he has to be sure about a family of his own. In light of these factors, their reunion may not be an immediate possibility.

In an interview given in April 2022, co-showrunner Peter Elkoff revealed that the complications that arise in Devon and Leela’s relationship are connected to the former’s career. Elkoff’s words lead us to the possibility that Devon may prioritize his wish to be a father by sacrificing his career. He may even take a break from his job to look after his potential child if Leela agrees to meet him halfway to proceed with having a baby. Such a development is expected to help them mend their broken relationship as well.

Image Credit: Guy D’Alema/FOX

If that’s not the case, though unlikely, Devon may consider moving away from Chastain to build his career and family elsewhere. Devon and Leela’s togetherness isn’t entirely hopeless. Despite their differences, they both love and care for each other. If they consider compromising on their rigid plans and desires, a reconciliation is indeed a possibility. Until then, the viewers may need to tolerate the beloved couple’s separation.

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