Do Emma and Noah End Up Together in I Want You Back?

‘I Want You Back’ is a fun romantic comedy movie revolving around the themes of heartbreak and the crazy extent to which people can go for love. Directed by Jason Orley, it follows Emma and Peter, two thirty-something jilted lovers who bond over their common tragedy of being suddenly dumped by their exes Noah and Anne. Initially, they try to cope with the aftermath of their breakups, but then they realize that they are unable to move on. Thus, in a bid to win their former significant others back, they team up to separate them from their new partners.

While Emma attempts to seduce Anne’s boyfriend Logan, Peter befriends Noah to separate him from his girlfriend Ginny. As their friendship deepens, the audience is left wondering whether Peter succeeds in his mission of getting Noah back together with Emma. If you too are curious to find out the same, you’ve found an ally in us. Let’s find out together. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Emma and Noah End Up Together?

No, Emma and Noah do not end up together. He breaks up with her as he feels that she has no direction in life and is a tad bit childish in her decisions despite being 32. He further thinks that she is disorganized and lacks the motivation to pursue any ambition. Thus, he doesn’t see any future with her, and his resolve to end things gets stronger when he meets Ginny, a successful baker who has a pie shop near the gym where he works.

Emma is devastated after Noah leaves her and has a hard time coping with her feelings. Thus, she conspires with Peter to get back Noah by destroying his relationship with Ginny. To do so, Peter gets a membership at Noah’s gym and appoints him as a trainer. During their gym sessions, he casually tries to probe into Noah and Ginny’s relationship as well as his feelings towards Emma. Peter further meets Ginny and concludes that they both are happy together. He decides to elevate his efforts to separate them by taking Noah out to party and reminding him of his old carefree days.

Moreover, Peter tries pointing out to Noah how different Ginny is from him and how much fun he rather had with Emma. The latter accidentally calls Emma while partying with Peter and her hopes go up only to be crushed when he tells her it was a mistake. Later on, Noah does engage in some frivolousness with Peter but realizes that he is ready to give all this up for a settled life with Ginny. Despite Peter’s discouragement, he decides to go ahead with his plans and propose to her.

In a last frantic attempt to stop Noah, Peter tries to frame him of infidelity in front of Ginny by planting a condom wrapper in their bedroom. But when they both arrive suddenly, Peter has no choice but to hide and witness Noah asking her to marry him. She happily accepts and they passionately make love, much to Peter’s dismay. Defeated in his purpose, he goes and gives this news to Emma, who loses all hope of getting Noah back.

Sometime later, Noah invites Emma to his wedding and she decides to attend with Logan, whom Anne has left for Peter. After a severe altercation with Peter at the wedding, Emma reveals their plan to everyone, thus angering Noah and Ginny. Later on, she apologizes to Noah and he asks her why she was so desperate to get back with him despite being as different as chalk and cheese. Emma shares that more than being in love with him, she is afraid of not ever finding love again and having to start over with a new relationship.

The familiarity Emma shared with Noah made her go to extremities to have him back, as he was the longest relationship she ever had. Hence, she apologizes to him and wishes him all the happiness with Ginny, thus attaining the closure she needs. Noah too forgives her and appreciates the changes she has adopted in life. He jokingly tells her to stay away from Ginny and they part ways on a good note.

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