Do Noah and Ginny End Up Together in I Want You Back?

With Jason Orley as its director, it is without a doubt that ‘I Want You Back’ is a hilariously entertaining romantic comedy movie. Depicting the aftermath of breakups on people and the various ways they cope with them, it follows Emma and Peter, who unexpectedly become friends after getting dumped by their long-term lovers Noah and Anne. Still reeling from their heartbreak and unable to move on in life, they conspire to win their former flames back by creating a rift in their current relationships.

Peter offers to help Emma by befriending Noah and making him break up with his new girlfriend Ginny. Noah soon begins trusting him like a buddy and lets him in on his personal matters. This makes the audience wonder whether Peter succeeds in breaking up his and Ginny’s blossoming relationship or whether they survive all obstacles. If you are curious to find out too, let’s seek the answer to your question. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Noah and Ginny End Up Together?

Yes, Noah and Ginny do end up together. He breaks up with Emma after eighteen months of togetherness, because he feels that she is indecisive about what she wants to do in life. He further thinks that she is rather irresponsible and laidback, and thus they are not on the same page about their aspirations. Noah tells Emma that while he is ready to move on to a more mature phase of life, she is still stuck in handling her mess. Thus, when he meets all the things he needs in Ginny, he decides to move on with her.

Ginny is a talented baker who runs a pie shop near the gym where Noah works as a trainer. He begins appreciating her disciplined nature and calm demeanor, as well as how focused she is on her goals. In a short period, they become extremely comfortable with each other and establish a healthy relationship. Furthermore, Ginny shares Noah’s passion for fitness, something which he finds lacking in Emma.

When Peter signs up as Noah’s client, they soon become good friends and begin talking about their relationships with each other. Despite Peter trying to dissuade him, Noah heavily praises Ginny and states how happy he is with her. He makes Peter meet Ginny and after seeing their closeness, the latter decides to accompany Noah for a night out so that he can try again to convince Noah to return to Emma. While partying with Peter, Noah initially misses his carefree days and almost ends up flirting with younger girls. But after all the excitement fades out, he realizes that he is ready to leave all that behind and settle down with Ginny.

Peter is shocked at Noah’s decision to propose to Ginny and tries to convince him otherwise. After his attempts fail, he tries to prove that Noah is cheating on her by sneaking into their house and planting a condom wrapper in their bedroom. However, he is forced to hide when they arrive at the last minute and helplessly witnesses Noah asking her to marry him. Though reluctant at first about the pace of things, she agrees after seeing his commitment and they consummate the proposal, much to Peter’s dismay.

A defeated Peter tells Emma about the news while Noah and Ginny begin planning their wedding. They also become good friends with Peter and Anne, who get back together for a brief while. Eventually, they decide to have their wedding on a riverboat in Savannah and Peter invites Emma for the same. She attends with Logan as her date and, after a heated argument with Peter, she tells all of them about their devious scheme of breaking up Noah and Ginny as well as Anne and Logan.

Noah angrily punches Peter — thus ending their friendship — but forgives Emma when she apologizes the next morning. Noah further makes Emma realize that they are not right for each other and just like he found his happiness with Ginny, she too would soon find someone who loves her. Thus, despite Peter and Emma’s attempts at separating them, Noah and Ginny end up getting happily married.

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