Do Jeff and Goodyear End Up As Friends in Finch?

‘Finch’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama that follows one of the last humans on earth as he embarks on an arduous cross-country journey to ensure his beloved canine’s survival. Accompanied by his newly created humanoid robot— Jeff, and the aforementioned pet— Goodyear, the film’s protagonist attempts to find them a safe haven while simultaneously grappling with his own mortality. His goal? To ensure that Jeff and Goodyear can coexist together and survive the dangerous post-apocalyptic world they inhabit. So does Finch’s plan succeed? Let’s take a look at whether Jeff and Goodyear end up as friends in ‘Finch.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Jeff and Goodyear End Up As Friends?

When Finch initially finishes building his robot and powers it up, the humanoid machine is clunky and largely unresponsive. Goodyear, perpetually by his master’s side, instantly shows disdain for the new creation and promptly relieves himself on the robot’s feet. Regardless, right off the bat, Finch makes it clear to his robot what its primary objective is. As an homage to legendary science fiction writer Isaac Asimov (and countless other projects that have used this concept since), the protagonist makes his robot recount the three laws of robotics. However, he then adds a fourth law, which supersedes the previous 3. This all-important law commands the robot to always put Goodyear’s wellbeing above all else, even if the other laws are being violated.

As they embark on their journey, the robot slowly begins to assimilate a personality and christens itself Jeff. It once again tries to draw Goodyear’s attention and even attempts to learn the “language of barking” but to no avail. The canine remains hostile as ever. Further on in their journey, during a particularly violent bout of fever, Goodyear watches as Jeff places cold bandages on an ailing Finch’s forehead and begins to understand that the robot means well. Thus, the canine finally stops being hostile, but friendship still seems a long way away.

Hours before his death, when Finch realizes that he has very little time left, he pulls out a ball and urges Jeff to play fetch with Goodyear. However, the faithful dog repeatedly brings the ball back to his human master, completely ignoring the machine. At one point, even the naively optimistic Jeff begins to lose hope.

It is only after Finch’s death, when Goodyear watches Jeff bemoan the loss of his creator, that he finally shows affection to the robot. Without Finch, the robot is initially at a loss for what to do next but then remembers his duty towards Goodyear and takes them to San Francisco, which is one of the few places that still has an inhabitable atmosphere. As they set off to complete the journey that Finch started, Goodyear seems to realize that it is just him and Jeff now and joins the robot in the front of their R.V.

The film ends with the robot and canine on the Golden Gate Bridge, which their late master always dreamed of visiting. The two, by now, seem to have effectively formed a friendship, which is evident in how Goodyear walks alongside Jeff as the latter excitedly begins to narrate a story to the former, much like Finch had a habit of doing. The fact that Jeff is also seen feeding Goodyear most likely cements their relationship even further, and so, in the end, Jeff and Goodyear become friends and survival partners, as Finch had hoped.

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