Do Kevin and Kaylee Die or Live in Skinamarink? [Spoiler]

Shudder’s found footage horror filmSkinamarink’ revolves around Kevin and Kaylee, two siblings who deal with the disappearance of their father in the middle of a certain night. As they wait for him to show up, a supernatural and monstrous entity threatens their lives individually. The entity tries to engage with the two children in several ways, which paves the way for astounding consequences. Since the highly enigmatic film doesn’t offer an explicit look into the fates of the two protagonists, the viewers must be wondering whether the siblings survive the apparent monster. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Kevin?

‘Skinamarink’ starts with Kevin falling from the stairs of his house, causing an injury. His father’s disappearance and the subsequent appearance of the monster entity happen after the accident. The entity and the aftermath of its confrontation with Kevin and Kaylee can be the creations of the little boy’s subconsciousness after the accident. He must have been in a coma upon falling from the stairs and the incident must have frightened him enough for his repressed fears to take hold of his subconsciousness. If that’s the case, Kevin may have been in a coma for 572 days and he may have woken up from the same at the end of the episode.

The vague face Kevin sees at the end of the film may belong to his father, who is checking in on his son. Considering such a possibility, Kevin must have survived the coma and regained his health. If the monster entity is real and not Kevin’s imagination, it may have locked up the boy inside the room at his house. If the entity wanted to kill him, Kevin wouldn’t have stayed alive for 572 days, which indicates that the monster is satisfied with the little boy’s obedience. However, he may not find a way to escape the monster, especially after 572 helpless days. Due to the same reason, he may remain alive under the control of the entity, as long as he doesn’t set out to disobey it.

Ever since the film’s release, fans have brought up several other theories to explain Kevin’s predicament. There is a theory that the monster is Kevin’s alter ego. However, the theory doesn’t hold much weight since the little boy wouldn’t be able to survive 572 days without anyone to look after him.

Is Kaylee Dead?

If the monster entity and its actions are a part of Kevin’s imagination, Kaylee must have already died before his accident. The monster entity in Kevin’s imagination can be a representation of their likely abusive father, with the disappearing windows and doors showing how trapped the two children were in the house. Their father must have killed Kaylee due to her disobedience toward him. If she is really dead, Kevin might have been thinking that her sister abandoned him, forcing him to deal with their abusive dad alone. If that had happened in reality, it explains why Kevin gradually confronts the monster alone.

If the monster entity is real and not Kevin’s imagination, Kaylee seemingly turns out to be its latest victim. Along with her eyes and mouth, the entity must have also taken her soul and life, leading her to a dead-like state. At the end of the film, numerous photographs of children with their heads missing are shown. The children can be the previous victims of the monster entity and Kaylee must have become an unfortunate addition to the existing victims. Regardless of what happens to her, Kaylee doesn’t show up after 572 days, which shows that she is most likely dead. Otherwise, although highly far-fetched, Kaylee and Kevin might have already died by the time they are introduced in the film and the monster can be a superior demonic entity that tries to control them.

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