Do Kinsey and Tyler Die in Locke and Key Season 2?

‘Locke and Key’ on Netflix follows the adventures of the Locke family children in their ancestral house. Full of magical keys and mystery, Keyhouse becomes the site of epic battles between the Locke family and the demonic forces trying to take control of the keys. Since adults naturally forget about magic, as the youngest members of the Locke family, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode bear the responsibility of protecting the keys. This puts them directly in the way of constant danger, and season 2 has the two older siblings battling a small army of demons. So do Kinsey and Tyler die? Let’s take a closer look. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Kinsey and Tyler Die?

Kinsey and Tyler are the unofficial leaders of the Locke family’s struggle against the demonic forces and have to watch over Bode, who is much younger, and their mother, who is unaware of magic. Even Duncan has only recently begun to help after regaining his memory, and though Bode is very knowledgeable about the keys, he is not allowed to come on dangerous missions with his older siblings. Therefore, Kinsey and Tyler end up in life-threatening situations on multiple occasions.

In the season 2 finale, they break into Dodge’s lair and are pitted against a small army of demonically possessed humans. Despite having their friends, known as the “Savini Club,” with them, the final battle against Dodge comes down to the two Locke siblings. Kinsey is armed with the Winged Belt and Shadow Crown but loses the latter when the house they are in begins to collapse.

Across from her, Dodge wields the Chain Lock and Key and binds Kinsey in an attempt to crush her. Right in the nick of time, Tyler sneaks up on Dodge and stabs her in the back with the Alpha Key. The demon screams and collapses, but it’s too late, and the house they are in falls off the cliff. However, with the Winged Belt still functioning, Kinsey is able to rescue her brother and fly to safety.

Hence, season 2 closes with Tyler and Kinsey both alive. However, in the final scenes of the season, Tyler is seen leaving Keyhouse to spend a few months traveling. He leaves Kinsey in charge of the keys and of safeguarding Keyhouse along with Duncan. This has some ominous overtones as the siblings that have faced and overcome great odds together are now separated. To make things worse, they are still unaware that the demonic entity named Gideon has escaped from the well and is now on the loose. Like his predecessor Dodge, it is likely only a matter of time before Gideon learns of the power of the keys and comes looking for them.

The fact that Tyler and Kinsey are the safe-keepers of the magical keys of Keyhouse will make them face danger at every turn. Through their father Rendell’s story in flashbacks, it becomes increasingly clear that being in possession of the magical keys almost certainly leads to death and destruction. Therefore, Kinsey and Tyler live to fight another day but remain in perpetual danger.

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