Here’s the Full Locke and Key Season 1 Recap

‘Locke and Key’ on Netflix follows the adventures of the Locke family as they uncover their family’s ancestral secrets. The horror-fantasy show is based on the comic book series of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez and centers around the mysterious Keyhouse, which holds a variety of magical keys.

Season 1 introduces us to the Locke family children as they move into Keyhouse and begin to discover the extraordinary powers of the keys. However, a demonic entity also has its sights on them, and an epic battle of wits and magic ensues. The story also delves into the history of Keyhouse and gives us glimpses of the last group of youngsters that banded together to protect the keys.

From the Head Key, which literally lets you walk into someone’s mind, to flying around the house using the Ghost Key, there is a lot to uncover in the show’s mystical world. Let’s dive in and see what happens in ‘Locke and Key’ season 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Locke and Key Season 1 Recap

The show opens with a man named Mark receiving a phone call while on his way home in the evening. He is told of the death of an acquaintance, after which he promptly goes into his house and sets himself on fire using a magical key. Three months on, the Locke family moves into their ancestral home in Matheson, Massachusetts, after the death of the patriarch Rendell Locke. His children — Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode — soon discover a few keys in the house that seem to have strange powers.

The Anywhere Key allows its user to go wherever they want by going through any regular door. Another key, which unlocks a strange mirror world, briefly traps their mother, Nina, who is rescued by Tyler. Soon after, she forgets the incident, and it is revealed that adults cannot remember magical happenings.

Meanwhile, Bode befriends a mysterious woman who lives in the adjacent well house and calls herself Echo. She tricks the young boy into giving her the Anywhere Key and then escapes the well house where she was so far trapped. Through flashbacks, we find out that the boy who shot Rendell was a student named Sam who was looking for the magical keys.

Echo is then revealed to have brainwashed Sam into attacking the family, and we see her help him escape from prison. Sam eventually finds his way back to Keyhouse, where he once again holds Nina and her children hostage. The Locke family is able to escape Sam but find themselves repeatedly attacked by Echo, who by now has revealed herself as the demon named Dodge.

Many years ago, the demon infected one of Rendell’s friends, Lucas, resulting in the deaths of 2 of their friends. Now, the very same entity attempts to get specific powerful keys from Keyhouse by terrorizing the Locke family. Its goal is to unlock the Omega Door, which hides a portal to the seemingly demonic spirit world. In order to get the Omega Key, Dodge decides to use Rendell’s old friend Ellie, who still lives in Matheson.

Since Ellie and Lucas dated all those years ago, Dodge uses the Face Key to change itself to look like Lucas. Ellie is flabbergasted to see her high school boyfriend reappear but cannot resist herself and begins to harbor Lucas. During a playdate with Ellie’s son Rufus, Bode notices Lucas staying with them and recognizes him from Rendell’s old pictures. Once they discover Ellie is harboring a demonic entity, the Locke children confront her, and she admits to it.

Seeing the disastrous effects that Lucas/Dodge is having on the Locke family, Ellie agrees to help them. She claims to be in possession of the powerful Crown of Shadows, which lets the wearer control shadows to do their bidding. She takes the key for the crown from Bode and heads back to her house to fetch the artifact. Unbeknownst to her, Dodge is waiting in Ellie’s house and ambushes her as she looks for the crown.

The epic season 1 finale opens with Dodge arriving at Keyhouse wearing the Crown of Shadows. Suddenly, three-armed dark forms begin to envelop the house even as the Locke children attempt to barricade themselves in and protect the Omega Key. Eventually, Bode is able to stab one of Dodge’s shadows with the Fire Key (initially used by Mark to kill himself). As the shadows dissipate, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode find Dodge’s unconscious body in the foyer.

They decide that the only way to end the demon’s rampage is by throwing it through the Omega Door. Aided by their classmates Scot, Gabe, and Eden, Tyler and Kinsey go down to the sea cave where the Omega Door is located and open it up. The other side is a swirling blue void that begins to shoot glowing pieces of iron at them. Ducking the projectiles, Tyler and Kinsey fling Dodge through the door and seal it, but not before a few more projectiles fly out.

Thinking they are finally rid of Dodge, the group returns to Keyhouse, only to be breathlessly informed by Bode that Ellie is nowhere to be found. Days go by, and there is no sign of Rendell’s old friend. Her son Rufus is eventually sent to live with his aunt and uncle, and the Locke children, especially Bode, remain uncomfortably aware that his mother is missing. With Dodge gone, however, they think they are out of trouble.

The ending then paints an ominous picture as it is revealed that Kinsey’s friend (and romantic interest) Gabe is actually Dodge. The season closes with Gabe plotting something with Eden, who is also revealed to be channeling a demon after being struck by a projectile from the Omega Door.

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