Do Malik, Jay, and Bobby Die at the End of Encounter?

Co-written and directed by Michael Pearce, thriller-drama film ‘Encounter’ chronicles the story of Malik Khan (Riz Ahmed), a decorated but dishonorably discharged former Marine, and his two sons, Jay (Lucian-River Chauhan) and Bobby (Aditya Geddada).  After spending two years in prison, Malik seems to have developed an undiagnosed psychotic disorder. He is extremely delusional and thinks alien parasites now control most humans. Believing that his former wife Piya and her current partner Dylan are also afflicted, he shows up at their home one day, gags and ties the two up, and convinces his two sons to come with him.

When the authorities are notified, they launch a nationwide search, believing Malik to be a potential family annihilator. Meanwhile, Malik’s actions continue to put his life and those of his sons in jeopardy. If you are wondering whether Malik, Jay, and Bobby survive in ‘Encounter,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Malik and His Sons Die at the End?

No, Malik and his sons don’t die in ‘Encounter.’ While Malik is never violent toward his children, the three of them face life-threatening situations, primarily due to Malik’s impulsive actions. Not long after leaving Dylan’s farm in Oregon, Malik and his children are stopped by a racist police officer. When the officer discovers that Malik has a gun on him and doesn’t have the correct papers for it, the situation quickly devolves. There is a struggle, and the boys nearly get shot when the gun goes off. Malik eventually subdues the officer and leaves with his traumatized children.

Later, after getting a flat tire, Malik gets shot while trying to steal a car. The confrontation leaves the other man bruised and unconscious, and he is found that way by his own sons, Kurt and Dwight. By then, Malik’s parole officer, Hattie, has come to know what has happened, and she has told the authorities. An Amber Alert has been issued, and a nationwide search has been launched. There is even a $10,000 bounty on Malik. Kurt and Dwight come seeking to collect it alongside revenge for their father.

This again puts the lives of Malik’s children in danger. Being an experienced Marine who has done ten tours, Malik easily subdues the brothers and leaves them tied up. But now, he realizes that as long as his children are with him, they will not be safe. So, he calls Piya and tells her about the diner where he is leaving Jay and Bobby. While the latter stays back, the former secretly sneaks into his father’s car. Jay realizes that his father has no intention of surrendering, so he might try to commit suicide by police.

His presence in the car prevents not only Malik from provoking the law enforcement officers but also the law enforcement officers from shooting Malik. Jay takes the gun from his father and steps out. He is then confronted by a police officer. Realizing that his son is in danger now and needs his help, Malik steps out and convinces his son to drop the gun and come to him, effectively demonstrating that he was never a threat to his children.

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