Do Monika and Enzo Break Up or Stay Together in Squared Love All Over Again?

Netflix’s ‘Squared Love All Over Again’ follows the story of Monika and Enzo. A sequel to ‘Squared Love’, the film focuses on the relationship of the lead characters who now find themselves in the aftermath of the revelation of their affair. While Monika becomes a popular figure, Enzo’s life takes a completely different turn, making both of them reconsider the foundation of their relationship. The entry of a new love interest for Monika in the form of Rafał also shakes things up between them. It gets so bad that at one point it looks like their relationship won’t survive the continuous challenges. If you are wondering whether they succeed in overcoming all obstacles by the end of the movie, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Monika and Enzo’s Fate

Monika and Enzo met and fell in love in ‘Squared Love’ when Monika adopted the persona of Klaudia to work as a model. She turned away from the profession once her financial condition was stable. However, when her identity was revealed to the world, it brought a lot of media attention to her. The fact that Monika was not scared to own her truth and was ready to fight for what was right made her an even more compelling figure. This is what leads Monika to be cast as a co-host in ‘Dear Academy’, a talent show for children.

While Monika’s life gets busy, Enzo finds himself in a rut. He is not only fired from the company but Alicja also makes sure that he doesn’t get another job in the industry. Despite his efforts to better his image, Enzo remains blacklisted and this has a huge impact on his mental health. He spends his days on a couch at his home, and his relationship with Monika also starts to deteriorate. Things get worse when Monika starts working with Rafał. She didn’t want to work on the talent show, but she does so after the headmaster of her school makes her. She believes that this will do some good for the children, and after a while, starts to enjoy the job.

She also moves past her initial dislike for Rafał, and they become friends. The producers of the show decide to use their chemistry to enhance the ratings of the show. Over time, a narrative of Rafał and Monika’s relationship is created. People start to believe that something is going on between them. Their photos are all over the newspapers. Monika ignores this because she knows how the media can twist things to create stories out of thin air. For Enzo, this is a sign of betrayal. Ever since he lost his job, he’d started to feel insecure about their relationship. He thought that this failure would drive Monika away, and she would find someone better for herself.

He also gets a little jealous of her success because he was the one who wanted to be a model that everyone knew and loved. Monika never wanted the attention of the media and public, and yet, not only was she receiving it, but she was also flourishing under the spotlight. His insecurities turn into doubt when Monika starts to work long hours for the show. She is often late, missing their dates and dinners, and Enzo starts to believe that she’d rather spend time with Rafał than him. At one point, he confronts her and Rafał. She tries to explain to him that there is nothing between them, but Rafał’s words only infuriate him further, almost bringing their relationship to an end.

In time, however, Monika discovers that the show and Rafał’s friendship are fake. With just one more episode left to shoot, she decides to expose them to the world. Meanwhile, Enzo discovers that the idea of his new show doesn’t need to be endorsed by anyone. It works well enough on its own, as proven by the views that it gets on YouTube. He realizes his worth which brings him some confidence. It also gives him clarity and he realizes how unfair he has been to Monika, who only tried to help and support him through his difficult time. In the end, he helps Monika expose the fraud in the show in its final episode. Having succeeded at it, Enzo proposes to Monika in front of live television. He expresses his love for her and asks her to marry him even though he doesn’t have a ring. Monika happily accepts and they decide to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

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