Netflix’s Squared Love All Over Again: All Shooting Locations Explored

A sequel to ‘Squared Love,’ Netflix’s ‘Squared Love All Over Again’ is a Polish romantic comedy movie helmed by Filip Zylber that revolves around the affectionate relationship between Stefan Tkaczyk ‘Enzo,’ a celebrity journalist, and a humble teacher named Monika Grabarczyk. However, their love is tested to the limit when the latter accepts a new job that involves working with a charming young man. Concerned about the new man in Monika’s life, Enzo finds himself jealous and makes things all the more complicated.

Starring Adrianna Chlebicka and Mateusz Banasiuk in reprising roles, the sequel also features impressive performances from other talented actors, including Mirosław Baka, Tomasz Karolak, Monika Krzywkowska, and Miroslaw Baka. While the theme of a complicated relationship makes the viewers relate to the movie and keeps them hooked, the familiar locations from the parent movie will likely make one wonder where it was actually shot. In that case, we have gathered all the information to put your curiosities to bed!

Squared Love All Over Again: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Squared Love All Over Again’ was filmed entirely in Poland, particularly in Warsaw, where the story is set. Situated in Central Europe, the country is the fifth most populous member state of the European Union. Its diverse landscape, consisting of different terrains, water bodies, and ecosystems, makes it a suitable shooting site for various productions, including ‘Squared Love All Over Again.’ Now, without wasting time, let us take you through all the specific places that appear in the Netflix rom-com!

Warsaw, Poland

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Squared Love All Over Again’ were lensed in and around Warsaw, Poland’s capital and largest city. From the looks of it, the cast and crew traveled across the capital and recorded different scenes, including aerial exterior shots of the cityscape and important interior scenes, against suitable backdrops. Moreover, it is a high possibility that they utilized the facilities of one of the film studios in Warsaw to tape many interior scenes, including the ones set on the stage itself.

Located in east-central Poland, Warsaw is considered an Alpha global city with a prominent influence on the country’s culture, economics, and politics. Also known as Phoenix City, it is home to more than 60 museums and galleries open to the public. Some notable ones are the Poster Museum, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Museum of the Polish Army, the Copernicus Science Centre, and the Carroll Porczyński Collection Museum.

While many tourists frequent Warsaw annually, the city is also visited by various filmmakers for shooting purposes every once in a while. As a matter of fact, the Polish capital has hosted the production of numerous movies over the years. Besides ‘Squared Love All Over Again,’ its locales have been featured in ‘Three Colors: White,’ ‘A Short Film About Love,’ ‘My Secret Terrius,’ and ‘Floating Skyscrapers.’

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