Do Rachel Zegler and Ansel Elgort Sing in West Side Story?

Based on the eponymous 1957 stage musical, Steven Spielberg’s musical film ‘West Side Story’ is a riveting romance tale that centers around Maria and Tony, whose love gets nurtured beyond the rivalries between their respective gangs. More than its compelling drama, the film succeeds to mesmerize the audience through its highly captivating song numbers.

As Maria and Tony’s romance blooms and mature with the enchanting songs they sing, the admirers of the film must be wondering whether Rachel Zegler, who portrays Maria, and Ansel Elgort, who portrays Tony, actually sing for their respective characters in the film. Let’s find out!

Does Rachel Zegler Sing in West Side Story?

Yes, Rachel Zegler sings for her character Maria in ‘West Side Story.’ Rachel Zegler joined ‘West Side Story’ from a theatre background. Upon seeing a casting call for the film, Rachel made a tape of herself singing “Tonight” and “Me Siento Hermosa” (“I Feel Pretty”) and sent it. Her tape didn’t fail to make an impression on the casting department. “When we got Rachel’s self-tape, I don’t really think I’d ever heard Sondheim sung like that before. The technical skill, her emotional presence, her grace, and charm were just so unusual for someone who was 17 years old,” Cindy Tolan, casting director of the film, said to Town & Country.

Rachel’s auditioning for Maria went on for almost a year. In January 2019, the actress got selected for the part. The audition was followed by two months of rehearsals for Rachel to transform into the heart and soul of Maria. The songs Rachel sings in the film include “Tonight,” “I Feel Pretty,” “A Boy Like That / I Have a Love,” “Tonight (Quintet),” and “One Hand, One Heart.” The actress also regularly updates her YouTube channel, in which she covers various songs of renowned artists. As per reports, the actress has also performed in various local musical production during her high school years.

Does Ansel Elgort Sing in West Side Story?

Yes, Ansel Elgort sings for his character Tony in ‘West Side Story.’ The actor, whose previous acting credits include ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and ‘Baby Driver,’ is also a singer and DJ. The actor’s discography begins with a remix of “Clarity” by Zedd in 2013. From then on, Ansel has worked on a handful of remixes. In 2014, he released his first single “Unite” under the name Ansolo. Since 2014, he has released several non-album singles under his own name and Ansolo. He has also collaborated with Logic and Don Diablo for a song each.

Ansel’s prior musical history has indeed helped him ace his character in the film. The songs Ansel sings in the film include “Something’s Coming,” “Maria,” “Tonight,” “One Hand, One Heart,” “Cool,” and “Tonight (Quintet).” Ansel’s charming persona and his exceptional singing abilities bring a certain quality to his portrayal of Tony. Ansel’s experience as an artist also helps him collaborate well with his fellow singers, especially Rachel.

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