Do Sarah and John B Get back Together in Outer Banks Season 3?

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

 The narrative of Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ follows a group of teenagers as they hunt for legendary treasures. The series has multiple themes, including wealth disparity, treasure hunting, friendship, obsession, and greed, but nothing is arguably more important than the star-crossed romance between John B (Chase Stokes), a Pogue or a resident of the Cut, and Sarah (Madelyn Cline), a Kook or an inhabitant of Figure Eight. The Pogues are working-class people, while the Kooks are rich and powerful.

This class divide is the source of drama in the show, including in the relationship between Sarah and John B. In season 3, the couple starts having issues when Sarah feels alienated by John B and her friends and ends up kissing her former boyfriend, Topper (Austin North). If you are wondering whether John B and Sarah get back together at the end of Outer Banks’ season 3, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sarah and John B’s Reunion

Yes, Sarah and John B. get back together in season 3. At the start of the series, John B. works for Sarah’s father, Ward (Charles Esten), while Sarah is in a relationship with Topper. Sarah is the most popular girl in OBX, while John B is the de-facto leader of his group of friends. They interact often, and their relationship is not necessarily antagonistic, but their differences influence it.

This dynamic changes after they spend a day together at Chapel Hill, and Sarah becomes actively involved in the hunt for gold from the Royal Merchant shipwreck. After learning about her father’s role in the apparent death of John B’s father, her loyalty irreversibly shifts toward John B and their friends. In season 2, Sarah and John B exchange wedding vows in an unofficial ceremony in the middle of the ocean, and even though they face what seems like near insurmountable challenges, they manage to stay together as the season ends.

At the start of season 3, Sarah, John B, and the others are stranded on the remote island they name “Poguelandia.” They have lost the Royal Merchant Gold and the Cross of Santo Domingo to Ward and Rafe, but they are at least together. The moment they find themselves back in civilization, they are pulled into a brand new treasure hunt. This one is for the fabled El Dorado. After John B reunites with his father, he is explicitly told not to speak about El Dorado to Sarah and his friends. When Big John hears that his son is married and to Sarah of all people, he is more surprised than anything else.

Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

After returning to OBX, Sarah finds herself all alone. Her family is gone, and all her friends are grounded or busy. When she visits her home, she finds Rafe is there and promptly leaves. As history has proven, Sarah doesn’t deal well with loneliness. She runs into Topper and ends up “hooking up” with him. The next time she and John B see each other, he apologizes for his behavior, and she admits she cheated on him. Predictably, John is not particularly happy and later beats up Topper, which leads to his arrest.

Meanwhile, Ward has returned to OBX to patch things up with his daughter. The last time he saw her, he tried to choke her to death. Having learned that Big John has been kidnapped and taken to South America, Sarah asks Ward to let her and her friends use his private plane, and he readily agrees. She then gets John B out of police custody, and they eventually reconcile. She accompanies John and their friends to Venezuela, where she plays a pivotal role in Big John’s rescue.

Both Sarah and John B lose their respective fathers in Venezuela, but only after Ward finds redemption and Big John accepts Sarah wholeheartedly. With their share of the gold they brought back from El Dorado, Sarah and John B open a surf shop. Eighteen months later, their achievement is celebrated by both the Kooks and the Pogues in a public ceremony. As the season ends, a mysterious man approaches the protagonists and shows them a captain’s journal that originally belonged to Blackbeard.

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