Do Sophie and Lucas Get Together at the End of My Dead Dad?

‘My Dead Dad’ follows a young slacker named Lucas Varela who finds out that his recently deceased father has left him an apartment building in Los Angeles. Tasked with managing the building and its eccentric tenants, Lucas finds himself in a new city and with prospects that he has no interest in. After dealing with the brusque building supervisor and the hysterical building residents who fear they are about to be evicted, Lucas finds some solace in Sophie. The two seem to have a bit of romantic entanglement, but Sophie also has a boyfriend. Let’s take a look at whether Sophie and Lucas get together at the end of ‘My Dead Dad.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Sophie and Lucas Get Together in the End?

Sophie and Lucas first meet quite by accident when the former spots the latter trying to polish his rusty skateboarding skills. At that point, Sophie doesn’t realize that Lucas is the building owner, Augusto’s son. After Sophie injures her wrist while trying out Lucas’ skateboard, the two become friends. At the hospital, the emerging chemistry between the two is palpable.

Sophie gives Lucas a welcome break from dealing with the grim hours he spends sorting through his late father’s affairs. Since Lucas has held a longstanding grudge against Augusto for seemingly abandoning him and his mother, the task of taking over from his father and having to hear the tenants praise him is particularly distasteful to our hero. Sophie, who also lives in the building, is one of the few aspects brightening up his day.

Of course, all hopes of a budding romance with Sophie go out the window when Lucas realizes that she has a boyfriend named Gavin. To make things worse (for Lucas), Sophie and Gavin seem to share quite a loving relationship. Understandably, when she first suggests that she and Lucas go on a road trip, Lucas is taken aback. However, the two end up going and sleeping together soon after.

Lucas appears happy with the arrangement for a while and even has some straight-faced conversations with Gavin. However, another bombshell awaits when the boyfriend reveals that he and Sophie are about to be engaged. Seeing the ring on Sophie’s finger hits Lucas quite hard, essentially taking away the one positive aspect of managing his father’s building. At this point, Lucas decides to leave LA, realizing there is nothing there for him.

When he confronts Sophie about her engagement, she reveals that she was merely looking for “something different.” It then becomes clear that Lucas was mainly a distraction for her and that she didn’t really plan to leave Gavin for Lucas. Interestingly, the relationship between Sophie and Lucas is a lot like the road trip they take together — brief, enjoyable, but ultimately just a way for Sophie to break out of her routine and do something different.

Once it becomes clear that there is no future for him and Sophie, Lucas is able to get closure on their relationship and leaves LA without selling the building. He realizes that there are some things that he must live with and makes peace with the fact that he will be managing the building (though he does implore the caretaker, Frank, to stay back and help run the building). His budding romance with Sophie never really works out, and, apart from their initial night together, it seems that the two don’t have any more encounters. However, through the whole experience with the building, Lucas regains love for his father, which possibly makes up for his disappointment regarding Sophie.

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