Do Sylvie and Matthew Break Up in Chicago Fire? Theories

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ is an action series with its share of endearing romantic storylines. Whether it be Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s intricate relationship or Violet Mikami and Evan Hawkins’s captivating togetherness, the series always delivers as far as romance is concerned. Still, Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett’s relationship AKA “Brettsey” has to be the most complicated one, especially since Casey’s departure from Chicago to Portland to be the “father” of his deceased friend and colleague Andy Darden’s children. However, the developments that happen in the eleventh season premiere are guaranteed to alarm the viewers concerning their togetherness. So, do they break up? Let’s find out!

Casey’s Move and Brett’s Choice

When Casey decides to move to Portland, he talks to Brett about the future of their relationship. Casey asks Brett to accompany him to Portland, only for her to reply no. But she chooses to be in a long-distance relationship with him. After making the decision, Brett visits Casey in Portland and they both return to Chicago to attend Severide and Kidd’s wedding. Upon returning to Chicago, Brett realizes that she has her job to care for and that she cannot leave for Portland again. Casey, who gets confronted by the harshness of the reality in front of them, chooses to not talk about the future of their relationship.

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

In the eleventh season premiere, Brett and Casey continue their long-distance relationship as the latter returns to Portland. Brett also realizes that she cannot move forward with their physical separation, especially when her ex-fiancé Kyle meets her to tell how much his life has changed upon being in a relationship with someone whose “stars” align with his. Brett starts to think that Casey and her “stars” aren’t aligning since they have to suffer the separation, leaving their relationship in the hands of fate. After meeting Kyle, she calls Casey to let him know about the same, indicating her wish to break up with him.

“Long distance relationships are really hard. I mean, their [Brett and Casey’s] relationship was a long time coming at the end. They are deeply in love, but I think that it’s a real challenge for them to be far apart,” co-showrunner Andrea Newman told Variety. Especially after witnessing Severide and Kidd’s wedding and knowing about Kyle’s engagement, Brett must be expecting something similar from Casey, who is in no position to leave his friend’s children and Portland. Brett, on the other hand, knows very well that she has no place in Casey’s life in Portland, among the Darden brothers. She must be aspiring to start a new family with Casey instead of joining the family Casey has created for him and Andy’s children.

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Since Casey is a man of his word, it is unlikely that he will leave or abandon the Darden brothers to join Brett. Thus, it will not be a surprise to see Brett moving on from him and building a life and career in Chicago with someone whose stars align with hers. However, it doesn’t mean that they will never reunite. While talking to Casey in the eleventh season premiere, Brett makes it clear that she is hopeful that they can be together at some point in time, when their priorities, choices, and decisions will become compatible.

Since Jesse Spencer had left the show midway through the tenth season, Brett and Casey’s break-up may have become inevitable. In the upcoming episodes of the eleventh season, we can expect to come to know about Brett’s plans regarding sharing her life and forming a family with someone else.

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