Do Tyler and Carly End Up Together in Locke and Key Season 3?


Netflix’s ‘Locke and Key’ follows the story of the Locke siblings who use magical keys passed down to the family over generations. They use them to have fun and whatnot, but the keys also draw some powerful enemies to them. The family suffers many losses along the way, which makes them pine for the normalcy they had before they found the keys. The eldest of the Locke siblings, Tyler, is particularly focused on living a normal life, even if it means forgetting all about the keys and magic. A hope appears for him in the third season in the form of Carly. But before they can be together, Tyler has to resolve some issues in Matheson. Does he succeed at that? Do he and Carly get together? Here’s what you should know.

Does Tyler End Up With Carly?

There is a price to be paid for the power of the keys and no one knows that better than Tyler Locke. His love life with Jackie had been going great until the keys destroyed everything for them. When Dodge succeeded in getting the Demon Key, she used it to turn Jackie into a demon, in the hopes that through her, she could get to Tyler and her siblings. In an effort to save her, Tyler made the Alpha Key, which would have removed the demon inside her. The key succeeded in its task. It killed the demon, but it also killed Jackie.

Tyler blamed himself for Jackie’s death because he knew that the only reason that Dodge sought her out was to get to him. If he had kept his distance from her or not told her about the keys, he might have succeeded in saving her. Her death shakes him to the core and as a result, he decides to let go of his memories of the keys and their magic when he comes of age. Even though there is the Memory Key to lock all of their memories in place, he decides not to use it on himself, particularly in honor of Jackie, who’d wanted the same for herself.

Tyler leaves Keyhouse to go on a trip by himself. While working as a constriction worker in Montana, he meets Carly. She is an upbeat person who takes a liking to Tyler. Even though he likes her back, he is still processing Jackie’s death. So, he keeps a distance from her. He returns home for Duncan’s wedding, but the break-in at the house makes him concerned about his family. So, he decides to stay for a couple more days. During this time, Carly tries to reach him, but he doesn’t respond to her texts. While she considers the reasons why he’s not replying to her, Tyler deals with the confusion about the magical keys and the things he can’t understand anymore. It is quite similar to what his mother went through in the first two seasons.

With Tyler missing for days, Carly decides to find out what happened to him and suddenly shows up at Keyhouse one day. She is relieved to find out that Tyler is safe. He invites her to stay for a few days, especially considering that she traveled so far just to make sure he was okay. While living with the Lockes, she realizes that Tyler’s family is not the reason he chose to leave. They are good to him, unlike her own family, with whom she had a troubled past that she doesn’t share much about. She tells Tyler to be kinder to his family, considering him lucky enough to have them. He realizes that she is right and chooses to stay while Carly goes back to Montana.

When all is said and done in Keyhouse, Tyler is ready to go back into the world and live a normal life. Carly is the one he calls. They had kissed when they last saw each other, though Carly remained skeptical about seeing Tyler again. To her pleasant surprise, he calls her up. He plans to go back to Montana and get his job back. But before that, he and Carly plan a road trip across the country. Tyler promises his family that he’ll return home for Kinsey’s birthday, and hints that Carly might be with him. This means that clearly the two of them are together and that Tyler Locke has received a happy ending.

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