Do Vada and Mia End Up Together in The Fallout? Or Does Vada End Up with Quinton?

While romance isn’t necessarily the main component of ‘The Fallout,’ it is still very much present in the film. Vada Cavell (Jenna Ortega) is a typical Gen-Z teenager with a loving family. Her best friend is Nick, a supportive and kind boy. While she is at school, Vada receives a call from her sister, who is unsettled by the fact that she is having her first period. Vada walks out of the class to speak to her sister. She gets to the bathroom, where she encounters Mia (Maddie Ziegler), a dancer and popular social media influencer.

It is then that the two young women hear the gunfire and realize that there is an active shooter outside. Vada drags Mia to a stall, and they hide there, standing over the toilet. Later, Quinton Hasland (Niles Fitch), a fellow student, joins them. He has seen his brother get shot and has his blood on his shirt. As the three of them spend those moments of pure terror together, a bond forms between them. If you are wondering whether Vada ends up with Mia or Quinton, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Vada and Mia End Up Together?

The relationship that develops between Vada and Mia quickly transcends ordinary friendship. Both girls find themselves traumatized because of the incident. They are stuck within their pain, unable to move on. They are both also incredibly lonely. Mia’s artist parents are in Japan and don’t return throughout the film. While Vada is surrounded by her family, the incident and the trauma have alienated her from them. As their lives spiral out of control, the two girls find a sense of camaraderie in each other. They drink, do drugs, and in one evening, have sex.

It appears that Mia has genuine feelings for Vada. However, she accepts when Vada tells her that they shouldn’t risk their friendship. As the film ends, the two of them enter a new chapter of their friendship. It might someday lead to an actual relationship, or it might not. For now, they seem to be content with what they have.

Does Vada End Up with Quinton?

The dynamics between Quintin and Vada are somewhat different from the one between Vada and Mia. While Quinton’s response to the incident also involves trauma and numbness, he has to bear the added pain of losing his brother. And that pain defines him in the film. he and Vada grow close. One day, she even invites him to her home, drawing the attention of her mother and sister.

While it may have appeared their friendship was gradually progressing toward romance, it is revealed that Quinton is just isn’t ready. He is still grieving for his brother when Vada kisses him. When he pulls back and admits the truth, Vada feels horrible about what she has done. She virtually runs away, all the while apologizing profusely. Their relationship might not lead to anything romantic, but they still can remain friends.

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