Does Alex Levy Die Due to Covid in The Morning Show?

It was always given that ‘The Morning Show’ would depict the COVID-19 pandemic in some form, being a show about news and media. And it happens in season 2, where the outbreak serves as the primary plot device. The show takes its time to develop the story. When it is still restricted to Hubei and other provinces of China, the anchors of the Morning Show laugh at the very idea of social distancing. But as the pandemic spreads across the globe, they start to realize that this is serious, and they can’t ignore it. The plot development reaches its zenith on the season 2 finale when Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) is diagnosed with COVID. If you are wondering whether Alex survives COVID in the second season, this is what you need to know.

 Does Alex Levy Die Due to Covid?

No, Alex Levy doesn’t die due to COVID in ‘The Morning Show.’ She likely contracted the disease during her visit to Italy to see Mitch or after coming back to the US. She says that she underwent a COVID test after returning from Italy, and the result was negative. Given that the gestation period is 2-14 days, it’s possible that she still could have gotten it in Italy, and it just didn’t show in the test.

Either way, her diagnosis has a ripple effect at UBA. Mia and Stella tell the staff to work from home. Daniel seemingly quits, and Yanko serves as the host of the Morning Show. As for Alex herself, she is as vulnerable as she has ever been. She has been all but canceled since the video of her speaking at Mitch’s memorial went public.

On top of that, she has to fight a disease that even the doctors don’t know much about. In Alex’s own words, it feels like that she is being cooked from the inside. She takes long showers and contacts her doctor, who advises her to stay at home and constantly monitor her breathing and temperature.

This is when Chip comes to her home, claiming that he also has COVID. He tells her that she should do a show about her experience with the disease. Earlier, he got approval for the show from Cory, and now the only thing that remains is to convince Alex. She initially has her reservations, and even though she agrees to do it, she complains about it throughout the filming. However, the more she immerses herself in this project, the more she regains her true personality.

Alex has suffered emotional and mental upheaval throughout the season, primarily due to Maggie Brener’s book about her and Mitch’s relationship. As a public personality, she was terrified of losing everything. But enduring COVID seems to have given epiphany. She decides that she will no longer be apologetic about herself and her choices, not caring about what the public thinks about her.

In the closing scene of the season, Alex seems to be doing much better. She speaks to her audience and urges them to keep themselves safe in these difficult times. She has not only persevered through COVID and her mental and emotional issues but also has emerged as stronger and more self-assured.

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