Does Andy Die in Pieces of Her?

Netflix’s ‘Pieces of Her’ follows a young woman named Andy, whose world is turned upside down when she discovers that almost everything she knows about her parents is a lie. After watching her mother, Laura, effortlessly slit a man’s throat, the young woman is thrown down a rabbit hole of dangerous intrigue. To make things worse, dangerous elements from Laura’s past begin to follow Andy, who is completely unprepared to deal with the situation.

A few helpful albeit shadowy characters aside, things look pretty grim for Andy for most of the narrative. The brutal accident she is involved in near the series finale raises further questions about her fate. So does Andy survive in ‘Pieces of Her’, or does she meet a dark fate? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Andy Die?

Andy’s life is perpetually in danger, starting from the violent shooter who begins murdering people at a restaurant where she and Laura are celebrating Andy’s thirtieth birthday. Unbeknownst to the young woman, her life has actually been endangered even before she was born. As Laura (initially called Jane) reveals in a flashback, her overbearing father, Martin Queller, attempted to forcefully abort Andy before she was born. This is attributed to the complex relationship that Jane shared with her father and the fact that Andy’s father is Nick — a man violently opposed to the Queller family’s pharmaceutical company.

Image Credit: Mark Rogers/Netflix

In the show’s present-day timeline, Andy is beset by danger from multiple directions. For one, she and her mother are followed by a vengeful Nick, who has been a fugitive for thirty years because of Jane’s testimony against him. It is subsequently revealed that Jane’s brother Jasper Queller, who is now the head of the family company, is also pursuing Andy because of the suitcase she has in her possession. The suitcase contains an incriminating tape that could damage Jasper’s political ambitions and possibly cost him his position as head of Quellcorp.

For all the danger swirling around, Andy’s most life-threatening situation occurs when she is with Charlie Bass, one of the few people she trusts completely. As Charlie drives her to safety, the two are involved in a brutal accident that all but totals their car. Both Andy and Charlie are left unconscious, with the latter sustaining fatal injuries. Andy, however, survives and wakes up relatively unscathed in an old wood cabin where she spent a few of her childhood years with Clara and Eli.

In the end, Andy survives through a mixture of luck and timely interventions by the shadowy agents that work to protect her and her mother. However, it is worth noting that the protagonist herself gets steadily better at dealing with deadly situations. At the start, when the gunman attacks her, Andy is frozen in fear, having never faced a life-threatening situation before.

By the end of season 1, having gone through a chaotic and violent adventure, she is much better equipped to deal with danger. In fact, in the tense climax where Nick holds Laura and Andy hostage, the latter escalates the danger and sets the wooden cabin on fire, showing just how far she has come from her timid beginnings. Thus, Andy is still very much alive and seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps, slowly evolving into a dangerous “badass” in her own right.

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