Does Ava Die in Kaleidoscope? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: David Scott Holloway/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Kaleidoscope‘ follows a non-linear format of storytelling to deliver a riveting story. It begins with Ray Vernon deciding to execute a heist that will yield billions of dollars. While he is motivated by revenge and has years of experience behind him, he still needs some help in sorting out a few matters. This is where Ava comes in. On the surface, she is Ray’s lawyer, but there is a whole different side to her job. She helps Ray with the heist by not only handling the finances but also supplying him with ammunition. Ava proves to be an indispensable asset and friend to Ray, but embarking on such a dangerous path comes with its own troubles for her. If you are wondering what happens to Ava in the end, then here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Ava’s Tragic Demise

Ava and Ray had known each for twenty-five years before he came up with the idea of robbing billions from the vault of Roger Salas. All those years ago, she’d acted as his fencer, but they had developed a close friendship where Ray trusted Ava with the future of his daughter. For years, while Ray was in jail, he knew that outside, Ava was looking out for him. So, when he breaks out of prison, she is the one he reaches out to. She helps him change his identity to Leo Pap, giving him a clean slate to start a new life. But when Ray changes the course of his journey, she sticks with him and sees the heist through.

Ava meets an impossible situation when she is blackmailed by FBI Agent Nazan Abassi. The Fed threatens to deport Teresa, Ava’s maid whom she loves like her own mother. Because her citizenship status is still not confirmed, Abassi only needs to pull a few strings and Ava would love the person she loves the most. This puts Ava in an impossible situation, but even then, she proves her loyalty to Ray and together they fool the FBI, giving them enough to keep their trust in Ava but keeping them distracted while the heist goes on. At the end of the heist, Ava takes a bullet from Abassi but succeeds in driving away with the truck that has the stolen bonds. Even when it is revealed that the bonds have actually been stolen by someone else and there is no money left from the heist, she stays with Ray.

Months later, we find Ray, Ava, and Teresa living together in hiding. She still proves to be as resourceful as she was when she was a free woman. When Bob attacks her regular fencer, she immediately becomes aware of the danger and makes plans to run away. But the warning comes too late and by then, Bob is already there with two men. A gunfight ensues where Ava kills one man but is hit from the back by Bob. In exchange for Ava and Teresa’s life, Bob asks Ray for Stan and Judy’s address. He leaves his other friend to keep an eye on him. While their captor falls asleep, Ava, Ray, and Teresa try to cut out of their bondages and escape. However, things go really badly for them.

While Ava looks for a gun, Teresa is ready to shoot the man, while Ray is still trying to free himself. Before Teresa can shoot, the man wakes up and shoots her. He realizes what’s happening and shoots Ava too before she can make a move. Still, one bullet doesn’t kill her. She fires a shot but misses which leaves her with an empty gun. Before she can reload it, the man walks up to her and shoots her repeatedly. Ray frantically frees himself and kills the man, but by then, Ava is already gone leaving Ray alone to deal with the consequences of his actions.

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