Does Ray Die in Kaleidoscope? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: David Scott Holloway/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Kaleidoscope‘ follows the story of Ray Vernon who plans a daring heist to steal billions of dollars. He brings together a team of six people, all of whom are specialists in their fields. It takes Ray a lifetime of patience and planning to come up with a plan that is more than about money. He wants to ruin the man that destroyed his life. However, embarking on the path of revenge leads Ray to dig not only the grave of his enemy but also of himself and the people he loves. In the end, things don’t turn out the way they were supposed to. If you are wondering what happens to Ray, then here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Ray’s Fate in Kaleidoscope

Ray’s journey in ‘Kaleidoscope’ is full of many twists and turns, which continue even after the heist is over. It begins twenty-five years before the heist when his wife dies while he is on another job. Following this, he is arrested and has to lose his daughter too. For seventeen years, he lived in prison. It is not just the law’s punishment for him, but one that he inflicts on himself because he feels guilty for what happened to his wife. But then he discovers that he has Parkinson’s. This means that he is running out of time and could die in a few months or a few years, depending on his luck.

Image Credit: David Scott Holloway/Netflix

The news of his impending death spurs him into action and he breaks out of prison to reunite with his daughter, whom he has not seen for seventeen years. He hopes to reconcile with her and wishes to spend the rest of his life in peace. To help him with it, Ava helps fake his death and gives him a new identity. This way, everyone, including the FBI believes that Ray is gone and he gets a clean slate as Leo Pap.

Just when he is about to embark on his new life as Leo, he discovers that his enemy Graham Davies has also taken over a new identity. He is now Roger Salas and has everything that Ray ever wanted. To ruin him, Ray starts to plan a heist which eventually leads to him stealing the bonds belonging to the Triplets. His inside man is his own daughter, who had previously been unaware of Roger’s past. While she agrees to help her father, she also warns him of the people that he is trying to rob. While he may ruin Roger Salas, the Triplets wouldn’t be so forgiving either.

In the end, what Hannah had feared is exactly what happens. She tried to save her father and the rest of the crew by stealing the bonds from them and giving almost all of them back to the Triplets. She also knew that her father would never stop being a thief. Even if he got the money from the bonds and had enough to retire in peace, he would still find some excuse to come up with another heist, which is why she says that she is done trying to reform him. She knew that his actions would eventually lead to something bad and that’s exactly what happens. Bad things always beget bad things, and in the end, Ray has to pay the price for ruining Roger’s life. Because of Ray’s heist, Roger not only loses his business but is also sent to jail, which means he loses his family too. This is what Ray wanted, but he didn’t consider the reaction to his actions.

Roger had a son who might have had differences with him, but he still loved his father. Just when the heist starts, we find Roger in front of the screen, monitoring the vault. His son comes to him, and we see him wearing the T-shirt which later appears in the final scene of Episode Pink, worn by the man who follows Ray and shoots him from behind. Considering that Roger’s son was driven by revenge, it is safe to assume that he didn’t change his mind at the last moment and killed Ray.

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