Does Bradley End Up with Laura or Cory in the Morning Show?

In the season 2 finale of ‘The Morning Show,’ the love triangle between Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup), and Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies) evolves into something tangible for the first time. It’s not hard to figure out that Cory has been romantically drawn toward Bradley for a long time from the subtext of their interactions, but he refrained himself from acting on his feelings, valuing their friendship over anything else. But then Laura walks into Bradley’s life, and Cory doesn’t know how to respond to that. He is envious of Laura, but at the same time, knows that she makes Bradley happy. If you are wondering whether Bradley ends up with Laura or Cory in the Morning Show, this is what you need to know.

Does Bradley End Up with Laura or Cory?

Bradley’s relationships with Laura and Cory are significantly different from each other. She seems to be genuinely in awe of Laura, and justifiably so. In the world of ‘The Morning Show,’ Laura is an LGBTQ+ icon. Her sexual orientation was outed without her consent. This was when same-sex relationships were still considered taboo in the American media and entertainment industry, and Laura was subsequently forced to withstand a storm. And because of her steely resolve, she persevered and eventually emerged triumphant.

Bradley’s relationship with Cory is quite unconventional, especially if you consider that he is her boss. In season 2, Cory genuinely starts to become envious of Bradley and Laura’s relationship. But then again, when he lets the Vault break the news about Bradley and Laura, it isn’t particularly driven by jealousy or malice. It was a desperate attempt to stop the outlet from publishing a hit piece on Hannah.

Cory is subsequently made miserable by a deep sense of guilt. In the season 2 finale, it seems for a moment that he is going to tell Bradley what he did before taking a completely different direction and confessing his love for her.

Laura had to fight every step of the way to get to where she is now, and she seems to expect nothing less from those around her, including Bradley. The show draws an interesting dichotomy between Laura and Bradley’s family, placing them on the opposite ends of the spectrum of Bradley’s pursuit of happiness. Bradley is evidently ashamed of her background, and Laura tells her to leave them behind and march forward, not realizing that it might not be a viable choice for everyone.  When season 2 ends, Bradley has started to see this for the first time and embrace who she is.

While Cory’s confession evidently surprises Bradley, her response to it is extremely muted. Some of it is due to Cory’s terrible timing. Her brother is missing, and She is panicking, and Cory somehow decides that it’s the perfect time to tell her how he feels. But it’s mostly because she is quite happy in her relationship with Laura. The fellow UBA anchor inspires her to be better, rise above her circumstances, and make the best use of the incredible platform she has been given. The muted response demonstrates Bradley choosing Laura over Cory, but before she can voice that, she gets a call about her brother. In season 3, this will be most likely confirmed after when Bradley and Laura get a chance to discuss it at length and Laura returns from Montana.

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