Does Cootie Die in I’m a Virgo? [Spoiler]

Prime Video’s ‘I’m a Virgo’ follows the story of Cootie, a 13ft tall Black man whose life takes a turn when he goes out into the world for the first time. Cootie was raised by his aunt and uncle, who always kept him inside the house. Whenever he tried to go out and thought about making friends, his aunt would tell him that the world wasn’t ready for him yet. At first, Cootie listened to them and did as he was told. Eventually, he started to get impatient and decided to break all the rules made for him and see what the fuss was all about.

As expected, danger comes knocking on Cootie’s door soon enough, and he finds himself in all sorts of trouble. The media paints him as a monster, the cops consider him a menace, and the superhero he had admired sees Cootie as the supervillain he had been waiting for. All these things put Cootie in situations where it looks like he might not make it to the end. If you want to know what happens to Cootie and if he meets a tragic end, then here’s what you should know about him. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Cootie Die?

When Cootie was young, his aunt and uncle tried to make him understand why it would be dangerous for him to go out. They collected several newspaper clippings, all containing stories about how giants like him have been treated over the years. LaFrancine admits there is no connection between him and them, except that they were all too tall for the world to accept. All these people were well above 10ft, and all of their stories ended in tragedy. They were either killed, imprisoned, or experimented upon. The lesson is that they could have survived if they didn’t love their home and kept themselves a secret.

LaFrancine and Martisse know they won’t be able to keep Cootie in the house forever. They try to delay this eventuality for as long as they can. To give hope to Cootie, they tell him that he can leave when he is 21. However, two years feels like a long time to him, and he ventures out at the age of nineteen. With the situation out of their hands, his aunt and uncle try to warn him about the world. They tell him that the world will try to take something from him, and when he’s useless to them, they will try to get rid of him. Then there’s always the possibility of him becoming a villain, even if he doesn’t do anything.

In the end, all of their fears come true. After his involvement in a protest outside the hospital that refused to treat Scat, who died of his wounds, Cootie is termed a dangerous thing that shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely in the world. Even when he hasn’t hurt anyone, the news outlets paint him as someone very dangerous who could rip a person in half, and nobody could do anything about it. Meanwhile, the cops are trained to fight giants, and The Hero invests in building a prison that could house a prisoner of Cootie’s size.

Tired of being made into a villain, Cootie decides to own the label and become the enemy of the system. He sets his mind to helping Jones and the protestors by leveling the field. His first plan is to solve the power cut situation by destroying the regular at the power plant. Jones warns him against it, but he still goes forward with it. This leads The Hero, who had already once had him arrested and put on house arrest, to seek him out again.

In between this, Cootie is also threatened by the cult that calls him the Messiah. It turns out they can’t wait for him to deliver them the message anymore. They want his eye, which according to some sticky note gospel, can help them a lot. All thanks to Cootie’s size and strength, he is able to save himself. However, it’s not that easy when it comes to fighting The Hero. Despite almost losing the fight, The Hero gets Cootie in his clutches and is ready to take him to the new prison built explicitly for him. Luckily, Jones arrives and saves Cootie using her psychic theatre power.

While Cootie survives all this, there is the rash he can’t get rid of. In the final scene, his rash is revealed to have gotten much worse. It’s a miracle that Cootie has survived for as long as he did what that things festering in his body. If all his enemies and the rest of the world didn’t kill him, the rash could do the job. For now, he is alive and well enough to see another die.

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