Does Dodge Die in Locke and Key Season 2?

Netflix’s ‘Locke and Key’ follows the adventures of the Locke family children and their accomplices as they safeguard the magical keys of Keyhouse. Over two seasons, they have faced a barrage of attacks by Dodge — a wily demonic entity that seems to stop at nothing in its mission to control all the keys. Initially introduced as the “Well Lady” in season 1, Dodge has lied and duped its way into power and season 2 finds the antagonist beginning to make a demonic army. However, the Locke children have also honed their magical skills, and their climactic faceoff with Dodge seemingly ends in the demon’s defeat. But does Dodge actually die? Let’s take a look at what we know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Dodge Die?

During the season 2 finale, Dodge returns to its original “Well Lady” form as it battles Kinsey and Tyler. While strangling Kinsey, the demon doesn’t notice Tyler coming up from behind, and the Locke boy stabs the demon in the back with the Alpha Key. The key is supposed to separate and kill humans and demonic entities, and Dodge collapses immediately after being stabbed by it. However, we are not shown what happens next to the demon’s body as the house they are in falls off a cliff, and Tyler and Kinsey narrowly escape.

Moments later, finally freed from Dodge, Lucas is seen clambering over the edge and approaching Kinsey and the others. Initially suspicious, they realize with relief that Lukas’ intentions are good when he returns the magical keys that Dodge had stolen back to Kinsey. Scot then wonders how Lucas survived if the Alpha key is supposed to kill humans and demons and is told that it is because Lukas is an echo. This is a vital clue as Dodge has often claimed how it is an echo and hence can’t be killed. Therefore, seeing as Lukas is alive, it (ominously) seems like Dodge is still alive as well.

Since Dodge initially infected Lukas when a piece of cursed whispering iron hit him as a young boy, now that the demon is without its host, it might just have reverted to its original form. Therefore, amongst the wreckage of the house that falls over the cliff, there could be a pellet of whispering iron in which Dodge resides, waiting to be unleashed again. Since whispering iron is extremely valuable and calls out to those that recognize magic, it is easy to imagine that the pellet containing Dodge will be found soon enough. The demonic echo could very well return and wreak havoc again at Keyhouse.

Season 2 closes with a variety of twists, and soon after seeing Dodge go down with the house, we see the “Well Lady” once again at Keyhouse, this time with Bode. However, this version of Dodge is revealed to be Rendell’s old friend Ellie who is turned into a lookalike of the demon in season 1. Ellie is subsequently returned to her regular form using the Face Key, and with it, the last sign of the “Well Lady” disappears. However, since the demonic entity Dodge is so strongly associated with the appearance of the “Well Lady,” we might just see her again whenever the vengeful echo returns.

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