Does Eddie Die in 9-1-1? Theories

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

Ryan Guzman’s Edmundo “Eddie” Díaz is one of the fan-favorite characters of FOX’s action series9-1-1.’ Eddie has always shown immense dedication to his profession and determination to save the lives of others as part of his job. Even after leaving Station 118 temporarily, Eddie succeeds in protecting several individuals as an LAFD liaison. Eddie’s commitment to serving and protecting others has alarmed the ardent admirers of the character as they started fearing whether Eddie will die in the line of duty, possibly sacrificing his life or saving others’ lives. If you are concerned about the same, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Eddie?

If there is one character in ‘9-1-1’ who succeeds in startling the viewers over and over, it is Eddie. In the fourth season finale, Eddie gets shot in the line of duty, only to stay alive. After the incident, Eddie’s son Christopher shares his concerns about Eddie’s possible death, which makes the firefighter leave Station 118. Eddie doesn’t want to die and abandon Christopher without anyone to look after him. But he doesn’t like his job enough to continue living as a liaison officer, which leads him to his return to Station 118. As he restarts his life as a firefighter, the viewers cannot be blamed for worrying about his life.

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

First of all, the lives of all the firefighters, including Eddie, working at Station 118 are under threat. Whether it be Eddie, Bobby Nash, or Evan “Buck” Buckley, they all do their work as first responders expecting to encounter life-threatening situations and predicaments. Thus, Eddie’s death cannot be completely ruled out. But considering the storylines of the sixth season, it is unlikely that the character will get killed off. Since Ryan Guzman hasn’t expressed any desire to leave the show and FOX hasn’t released any statement concerning the actor’s departure, we may not see Eddie getting killed off anytime soon.

The sixth season of the show depicts Eddie getting adapted to the changes happening in his son Christopher’s life. As the boy grows up, he starts to get distant from his father and form bonds with his schoolmates. Eddie initially finds it hard to deal with Christopher prioritizing spending time with his friends over Eddie but the firefighter eventually realizes that he cannot treat Christopher as a small boy anymore. Since Eddie’s storyline which revolves around the firefighter reforming himself to be a better father is progressing well, it is unlikely that the writers will conclude Eddie’s arc anytime soon without the actor wanting to leave the action drama.

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

In addition, Eddie’s arc still possesses enormous scope and the writers of the show are expected to take advantage of the same. In the upcoming episodes of the show, we may see Eddie getting better and better as a father by providing a comfortable space for Christopher at their home. We may also see Eddie getting romantically involved in the future, although the creative heads of the action drama haven’t revealed any information concerning the same. Still, the connection Eddie forms with Felisa can be an indication of Eddie’s willingness to welcome someone to his life again as his partner.

After eight episodes of the sixth season, Eddie’s life isn’t threatened in any particular way. The viewers’ concerns regarding the same can be traced back to Eddie’s near-death experience in the fourth season finale. Since Eddie’s storyline has progressed immensely from the same experience, we may not need to worry about his supposed death anymore.

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