Does Jimmy Die on Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ has been known to throw curveballs now and again when it comes to major characters. For example, John Dutton’s eldest son Lee was killed in the season premiere, as the Paramount Network series made the statement that anyone on the show could go. Now, in the most recent season, we see the family trying to wrestle wills with the government, which might make the situation a bit hairy. Adding to their problems, Jimmy suffers a terrible accident that has even John worried. So, does Jimmy die on ‘Yellowstone’?

Jimmy’s Death in Yellowstone, Explained:

Jimmy appears to be doing fine in the episode, to the extent that he is ready for the rodeo, and has a date set up with Mia. She’s a fellow rider he’s seen at the competitions before. The Duttons and ranch hands are eager to see what stunts Jimmy pulls, but they are in for a shocking conclusion to the festivities. Jimmy is quite struck that he’s managed to get a date with Mia. As a result, he is not ready for his bronco. He loses control and is knocked off the horse, and lands hard on the ground. The credits start rolling by the time the EMTs arrive on the scene and take him away in the ambulance. It looks pretty severe, and the show leaves us with a cliffhanger. But, did Jimmy die?

If you observe the scene, it seems that Jimmy is not dead. Nobody performs CPR on him, which suggests he is still breathing. Moreover, if his heart had stopped, someone would have performed chest compressions or made attempts to restart it. Instead, we see that they’re being careful about his neck as they try and get him to the hospital.

Even though we are reasonably sure that Jimmy will live, he won’t walk away from this incident unscathed. So, what could happen to him? We might see Jimmy in a coma in the next episode, or battling for his life. However, the outcome might be much drier than expected. Jimmy might end up paralyzed, in which case, the upcoming episodes could see his struggles at trying to return to a healthy life. He might have some kind of injury that prevents him from riding horses again too. If Jimmy needs rehab, we might see him struggling with the fallout throughout the season.

Going by behind the scenes information, there’s a picture with the actor who plays Jimmy, on his last day of shooting. Five days later, the actress who plays Beth, posted a picture about wrapping up filming. Since Beth is a central character, she’s likely there till the end of the season. By extension, Jimmy should be there until towards the end as well. This conclusion rests on the fact that the scenes have been filmed in order.

For now, we have to wait until the next episode to know Jimmy’s fate for sure, but having just introduced a love angle into his life, it seems unlikely that the character will die.

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