Does Joe Kill Marienne in You Season 4? [Spoiler]

Netflix’s ‘You’ follows the story of Joe Goldberg and his obsession that always ends in bloodshed. In every season of the show, Joe finds a different woman to obsess over. In the third season, disillusioned with his marriage with Love Quinn, he falls in love with Marienne. To his surprise, she reciprocates his feelings. They plan to run away together, but Love poisons Marienne against Joe. Finding out about Joe’s past forces Marienne to flee. She settles down in Paris, but Joe follows her there. Like every other woman he fell in love with, she finds herself in a cage with no means of escape. If you are wondering whether she meets the same fate as Joe’s other romantic interests or if she breaks the pattern, then here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Marienne’s Capture: Trapped by Joe in London

When Marienne sees Joe in London, she realizes he is not the type of person who will ever let her go. She tries to run, but he catches up with her. He claims to be a better person than Love painted him. He lets Marienne go, but later, he shows up at the train station, where he drugs her and holds her captive. It gets worse when Joe’s personality splits into two. The one that wants to let her go is suppressed, and Marienne is left to deal with the eviler side, which will keep her in the cage for the rest of her life.

If it hadn’t been for Nadia, Marienne would have died in the cage with none the wiser about what happened to her. Nadia had been suspicious of Joe, so she broke into his apartment and found a key, eventually leading her to the abandoned building where Marienne was held captive. Nadia wanted to free her immediately, but Marienne was smarter than that. She knew that running away wouldn’t do her any good. Joe would still come after her, and she would never be safe.

Marienne also knew that getting the cops involved wouldn’t be much help either because the moment Joe found out about it, he would disappear, bringing her situation back to square one. The only solution was to kill him. When Nadia proposes this, Marienne agrees to do whatever it takes to get him out of the picture. They have an edge on Joe because he doesn’t know that Nadia knows. The women plan to get him by surprise. They would overpower him by drugging him. Nadia arranges ketamine, and Marienne agrees to kill him with a knife.

This plan fails when Nadia is caught carrying a knife inside the subway. She is detained for the entire day, missing the window to carry out the plan. Luckily, they’d come up with Plan B. If they couldn’t kill Joe, the only way they’d be able to stop him from looking for Marienne is by killing her. If he believed that she was dead, he would stop his search. Joe had given Marienne some pills to alleviate her pain. Nadia swapped it for the pills that would reduce her heartbeat so she could appear dead. When Nadia doesn’t arrive with the knife, Marienne executes Plan B.

The plan works, and Joe believes that Marienne, brokenhearted over losing her daughter once again, overdosed on the pills. In any other situation, he would have gotten rid of the body by cutting it up or burying it someplace where no one could find it. In Marienne’s case, things are different. He didn’t want her to die; he wanted to set her free. He wanted her to reunite with her daughter. If he disposed of Marienne, her daughter would never discover what happened to her. She’d grow up believing her mother had abandoned her. Joe knew how it felt to grow up like that. He didn’t want the same for Marienne’s daughter.

Joe leaves Marienne’s body in a desolate place where someone can find it. He walks away from the scene, believing that the Marienne chapter of his life is closed. Unbeknownst to him, Nadia had been following him. The moment he leaves, she brings Marienne back to life. She worried that Marienne might have taken too many pills or that she’d have reacted to them differently. It could have killed her, but Marienne was ready to take that chance to ensure her freedom.

Now that she doesn’t need to worry about Joe, Marienne returns to Paris and is reunited with her daughter. Sometime later, she finds a news article about Joe, who is with Kate now and has received another chance at life by erasing the stuff that happened at Madre Linda. Marienne scoffs at his new beginning, knowing that he is not the person who’ll ever change. Whether or not she knows about Nadia is unclear, but by the end of Season 4, Marienne is safe and sound, far away from Joe and his murderous schemes.

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