Is Love Dead? Did Victoria Pedretti Leave You?


Netflix’s ‘You’ follows the story of Joe Goldberg whose obsession with the women he falls in love with leads to devastating events in their story. In the second season, Joe meets his match in the form of Love Quinn, who knows a thing or two about falling so far in love that ending a relationship means killing one’s partner. At the end of the second season, Joe discovers the true face of his new girlfriend but is horrified by what he sees, even though she is more or less his mirror image. For the entirety of the third season, he finds himself stuck in a marriage that he desperately wants to get out of, but cannot because of his son. By the end, however, he finds an escape. Here’s what happens to Love at the end of ‘You’ Season 3. SPOILERS AHEAD

How Did Love Die?


Joe Goldberg had a problem with his fixation on women whom he fell in love with. When Love finds out about it, she believes that she has finally found someone who understands her love language and will accept her for who she is, just like she accepts Joe for who he is. It turns out that Joe is a hypocrite and doesn’t want to be with Love. Still, he tries to reform himself and live a happy life without any complications with Love, but he can’t shake his nature, just like Love can’t change hers.

By the end of Season 3, Joe is convinced that Love will not let him go so easily, especially after she finds out that he has been having an affair with Marienne. At first, she thinks about killing Marienne but then lets her go and decides to kill Joe instead. However, he anticipated her plan and turns it around on her by giving her the paralytic with which she’d killed her first husband and was planning to kill him too.

With the Conrads trapped in the basement of Love’s bakery, Joe knows that he will be found guilty of her murder, so he comes up with a plan. He writes a suicide note in which Love confesses to the murder of everyone who was killed or disappeared since their arrival in Madre Linda. He also adds himself to the list of her victims and cuts off two of his toes to leave behind the DNA evidence of his death. Then, he burns their house to the ground to make it look like Love killed herself.

Victoria Pedretti Has Likely Left You


With the conclusion of her character’s storyline in Season 3, it can be assumed that Victoria Pedretti won’t be a part of Joe’s story anymore. There’s still room for her return, most probably as a hallucination, something that Joe suffered from in the second season after he’d killed Beck. It is possible that in his new life, he might still be haunted by the ghost of his wife who would keep reminding him of his past, especially the son that he left behind.

Victoria Pedretti, who is known for appearing in the critically acclaimed ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, revealed that she knew about Love’s impending death and wasn’t surprised when it was revealed to her. “I knew [Love] was going to die at the end of this [third] season pretty early on. I knew I wasn’t going to be on the show past two seasons, so I assumed that she would die,” she said. Love’s death also serves as an important turn in the events of Joe’s story, who leaves America and tries to start with a clean slate in London.

Meanwhile, Pedretti is busy with her new project, Hulu’s new psychological thriller, ‘Saint X’. Despite her busy schedule, the actress may be able to return in the upcoming season of ‘You’ if the story demands her character’s return. Though, it remains to be seen how, if at all, the makers of the Netflix series would pull that off.

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