Does John Dutton Die in Yellowstone? How Long Was He in a Coma?

Yellowstone‘ is a Western drama series that revolves around the Duttons, who own and operate the Yellowstone Ranch. Various conflicts have plagued the family throughout the first three seasons, with the target being their much-coveted property. As a consequence, the Dutton family members have often found themselves in grave danger.

However, none of the threats they have faced are greater than the coordinated attacks on the family in the shocking and brutally violent season 3 finale. Naturally, fans must be curious to find out whether the Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), makes it out alive or falls prey to the attacks. Here’s everything you need to know about John Dutton’s fate!

What Happens to John Dutton in Yellowstone?

John Dutton first appears in the premiere episode of ‘Yellowstone’ and is the sixth-generation leader of the Yellowstone Ranch, which he considers his family’s legacy. In the first season, John discovers he has cancer and begins to plan for the ranch’s future after he is long gone. As a result, he ends up making some questionable choices that haunt him and his family. John later discovers that he does not have cancer but a ruptured ulcer and eventually recovers from it.

However, John was destined to have a close encounter with death sooner or later, and that moment arrives in the third season finale titled ‘The World is Purple.’ In the episode, John is driving on the road when he finds a woman and her son struggling with a flat tire. As John helps them change the tire, a van shows up on the side of the road and opens fire on John. He is shot with multiple bullets in the chest. It is revealed that the attacks are part of a larger conspiracy against the Duttons.

Does John Dutton Die? How Long Was He in a Coma?

In the fourth season premiere titled ‘Half the Money,’ viewers finally get an update on John, but things do not look promising for the rancher. He is bleeding out on the side of the road but has managed to write down a clue about his assailants with his blood. Rip arrives and drives John to a hospital but fears he won’t make it in time. Kayce has John airlifted to the hospital, where he receives treatment.

We later learn that John survived the shooting but has been in a coma. Although it is never explicitly stated how long he was comatose, it is clear that a few months have passed since the attack. John, sporting a bearded look, wakes from the coma and learns from Beth that the rest of the family was also attacked before the doctors put him to sleep. John is later discharged from the hospital and is back riding horses in no time. However, the run-in with death once again makes John seriously consider the ranch’s future without him.

It is no surprise that the seasoned rancher managed to pull through despite being shot multiple times. After all, John has proved time and again that he is not easy to get rid of. Fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as the Dutton patriarch is out of harm’s way. Killing off the character would mean losing the show’s biggest asset in the form of actor Kevin Costner, who essays the part of John. Although were Costner to bid farewell to the show, the stage was perfectly set. However, we are sure fans are glad to see him continue on the show.

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