Does Malignant Have an End-Credits Scene?

Directed by James Wan, ‘Malignant’ is a horror film that takes its time to get going. But when it finally does, it’s a feast for any horror fans. The story revolves around Madison (Annabelle Wallis), a young woman who starts having visions of other people dying. She soon realizes that this is not a part of her imagination. She is actually witnessing the murders in real-time. The discoveries she makes point her to her past, much of which she has forgotten.

The third act of ‘Malignant’ is an interesting combination of gore and exposition, and Wan makes it work with his ingenious approach to the genre. The ending is extremely satisfactory, but it has enough elements to make you want more. If you are wondering whether ‘Malignant’ has a post-credits scene, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Malignant Have a Post-Credits Scene?

No, ‘Malignant’ doesn’t have a post-credits scene. The film gives necessary answers in the climactic sequence and the scenes that lead up to it. It is revealed that the mysterious woman Gabriel kept as a captive in Madison’s attic is actually their biological mother, Serena. When she was 15 years old, Serena became pregnant after being raped and decided to carry the pregnancy to term. When she gave birth, she discovered that her children shared a brain. But they were not conjoined twins. There was a dominant one, Emily, and an underdeveloped one, Gabriel. Serena quickly realized Gabriel was psychotic, so she left her children at the Simion Research Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Florence Weaver (Jacqueline McKenzie) and the others at the facility tried their best to help the siblings, but Gabriel proved to be too violent, and he was influencing Madison’s behavior. Eventually, the doctors decided to “cut out the cancer” by surgically removing Gabriel’s body from Madison. Despite this, as they shared one brain, a part of Gabriel remained in Madison. But then, she was adopted by Jeanne and her husband. After Sydney’s (Maddie Hasson) birth, Madison forgot about Gabriel.

Derek’s abuse brings Gabriel back to Madison, and her underdeveloped parasitic twin subsequently goes on a killing spree, using Madison’s body to kill the former doctors of Simion Research and several police officers. He even targets Serena and Sydney. With Sydney’s help, Madison realizes that Gabriel killed her unborn children, and she desperately attempts to regain control of her mind and body.

She eventually succeeds, saves both Serena and Sydney, and imprisons Gabriel inside her mind. ‘Malignant’ doesn’t really require a post-credits scene, as the climactic sequence perfectly sets up the required premise for a prospective sequel. Gabriel is bound to come back in the next film, but as Madison promises, she will be ready for him by then.

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