Does Mitch Die in the Morning Show Season 2?

Steve Carell has established himself as a versatile actor, once more proving that, given the opportunity, comedians can showcase their acting prowess through a diverse set of characters. The former ‘Daily Show’ cast member made his first foray into portraying dark characters with John Eleuthère du Pont in the real-life inspired drama ‘Foxcatcher.’ Since then, he has earned further recognition as a dramatic actor with roles like Steven Goldstein in ‘Freeheld,’ Mark Baum in ‘The Big Short,’ and David Sheff in ‘Beautiful Boy.’ However, with Mitch Kessler, the disgraced breakfast news program host in ‘The Morning Show,’ Carell has achieved something incredibly rare: an award-worthy portrayal of a character who is equally repulsive and relatable.

In season 2, Mitch entrenches himself in an Italian villa, preferring obscurity first time in a long time over fame. And then the seventh episode, titled ‘La Amara Vita,’ happens, in which he seems to drive his car off a cliff. If you are wondering whether Mitch dies in ‘The Morning Show’ season 2, we got you covered.

Does Mitch Die in the Morning Show Season 2?

Yes, Mitch dies in season 2 of ‘The Morning Show.’ La Amara Vita’ exclusively focuses on Mitch and depicts in vivid detail his shortcomings and insecurities. Carell doesn’t have as much screen time in the Apple TV+ show as its other prominent stars, but he dominates every scene he is in. And that holds true in episode 7 of season 2 as well. It is a perfect way to say goodbye to a character that the fans love to hate.

In season 1, Mitch gets fired from the eponymous breakfast news program after he faces sexual misconduct allegations. His marriage falls apart immediately, and he initially has trouble seeing why he should be blamed for what he thinks were consensual relationships. He later agrees to team up with Bradley Jackson, his replacement on the Morning Show, and TV executive Cory Ellison to bring down Fred Micklen, the president of the network who enabled Mitch’s behavior. However, the talent booker Hannah accuses Mitch of sexually assaulting her and later commits suicide. As the network subsequently undergoes radical changes., Mitch leaves for Italy.

In season 2, Mitch is as remorseful as he is clueless. He still doesn’t understand what he did wrong but is deeply horrified by its ramifications. He finds a source of understanding in Paola Lambruschini, an Italian documentarian. And even though Mitch doesn’t actively seek it, a glimmer of redemption seems to find him when he starts helping Paola with her documentary.

But in episode 7, Alex Levy shows up at his gate, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding to be let in. They argue, make up, and Mitch lets Alex stay at the villa when it is revealed that she can’t leave Italy immediately. However, they learn that Maggie Brener, an author and journalist, has speculated that Mitch primarily targeted black women. Mitch begs for Alex’s help in understanding his shortcomings, but she ultimately refuses and leaves.

Later, Paola shows up at his home. They end up having sex, and she tells him that she hasn’t deleted the video of their interview as she had promised. She was afraid that this was the last time she was going to see him. he goes out to buy a pack of cigarettes for her, promising that he will return soon. But as his actions and other people’s accusation start to replay in his mind, a car comes from the other direction, and its headlights blind him momentarily. Afterward, as the car heads toward the cliff, Mitch simply lets the steering go.

It will be most likely revealed in the next episode that Mitch has died. The network, of course, will seek confirmation, which Alex will get from Paola, who was with Mitch at the hospital when he died. Alex will visit Mitch’s estranged wife, Paige, to give her the news herself. But the other woman might see through her concerns and call out on her hypocrisy. As it is revealed in episode 7, Mitch and Alex slept together, and unlike the younger women, she had no compulsion to do so. She was Mitch’s equal. At the parties and social gatherings, she saw Paige and pretended to be her friend. Paige will observe that Alex and Mitch were the same and offer the former her condolences with biting irony before shutting the door.

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