Does Nadia Die in Russian Doll Season 2?

Image Credit: Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘Russian Doll,’ Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha Lyonne) is a quintessential New Yorker facing unconventional issues in her life. In the first season, she discovers that she is trapped in a time loop. It’s her 36th birthday. She keeps dying repeatedly and ending in front of the bathroom mirror in the apartment of her best friend, Maxine. She ultimately manages to escape the loop with the help of a man trapped in similar circumstances.

In season 2, She takes the 6 trains to get to Maxine’s home and ends up in 1982 in the body of her mother, Nora, who happens to be heavily pregnant. If you are wondering whether Nadia survives in the second season of ‘Russian Doll,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Nadia Die?

No, Nadia doesn’t die in season 2 Of ‘Russian Doll.’ To be fair, she has died enough times — often in a dark and depressing manner in the first season. The way that the science fiction aspect of the second season works is entirely different from that of the first. After traveling to 1982, Nadia — as Nora — runs into Chezare Carrera, who apparently stole the Krugerrands, Nadia’s family inheritance. Nadia designates the loss of the Krugerrands as the reason for the misery in her life.

Using the technology of her time, she finds Chezare in the present and goes back to the past to demand the Krugerrands. However, she soon discovers that Nora has already taken them and bought herself an Alfa Romeo Spider, a car that was present in the first season during the flashback scenes. With the help of a Young Ruth, Nadia gets the Krugerrands back but then loses them on the train.

In episode 4, Nadia ends up in the body of her grandmother Vera in 1944. The Nazis overlook Vera because of her blonde hair and blue eyes, but her parents have already been taken. Nadia retrieves many of the valuables that the Nazis have stolen from her family and hides them in a safe location so that Vera will later find them. Nadia happens to be in Vera’s body as the latter takes the valuables to the appraisers and discovers that this is how the family got the Krugerrands.

Nadia realizes that she is now trapped in a different loop. And no matter what she does, she can’t get out. While she is inside her mother’s body, she ends up giving birth to herself. Believing that neither her grandmother nor her mother is fit to raise her, Nadia escapes to 2022 with her younger self, triggering the collapse of space and time. While all this is happening, Ruth gets seriously ill and is diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, and Alan travels to East Germany in 1962 through the 6 trains, ending up in the body of his grandmother and developing feelings for her boyfriend.

In the end, Nadia finds herself sitting opposite her mother in a subway compartment. Ruth’s older and younger selves are there, and so are Vera’s. Nadia finally comes to peace with how her life has turned out. She gives her younger self to her mother. After Nadia returns to the present, she attends Ruth’s wake at Maxine’s apartment. As the season ends, Nadia finds herself in the same bathroom as before. But this time, it didn’t require her to die to get there.

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