Where Is Beatrice in Russian Doll Season 2? Did Dascha Polanco Leave the Show?

In the first season of ‘Russian Doll,’ Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) initially doesn’t know that there is another person caught in the circle of mirrors like her. That person is Alan Zaveri (Charlie Barnett). Alan is the very anti-thesis of Nadia. If the latter is brash, self-assured, and outspoken, Alan is reserved, reclusive, and insecure. The dichotomy between them manifests in how they deal with their uncommon circumstances.

Alan is caught in the time loop on the worst day of his life. He and his girlfriend Beatrice (Dascha Polanco) were supposed to leave for a holiday, and he was planning to propose, but she broke up with him. And now, he has repeated that and what followed after countless times. During one such loop, he learns that Beatrice has been cheating on him with Mike Kershaw. If you are wondering whether Beatrice is part of the second season of ‘Russian Doll,’ this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where Is Beatrice in Russian Doll Season 2?

Beatrice neither appears nor is spoken of in the second season of ‘Russian Doll.’ Although she cheats on Alan, she genuinely cares for him. She has been with him since they were in high school. She is initially afraid that he might harm himself if she breaks up with him and waits for the right time. However, she eventually realizes that there will never be a right time to tell him how she feels and just does it. Later in the series, after meeting Nadia and going through several more loops in which he stops following his rigid routine, Alan evolves as a person. He still has his struggles, but he doesn’t let them place constraints on his life.

In Beatrice’s final scene, Mike arrives at her apartment with his son. And for a moment, at least to Mike, they appear to be a family. This is not true, of course. According to Mike, he is “the hole where a choice should be.” But perception is important. And seeing them like that finally convinces Alan to walk away. As she doesn’t appear in season 2, it’s safe to assume that Beatrice has moved on with her life. Her affair with Mike was never meant to be something permanent, and they both knew that. She chose him for the sole reason that he wasn’t Alan. When the affair ran its course, they probably went their separate ways.

Did Dascha Polanco Leave the Show?


Originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Polanco relocated to the US when she was a child and grew up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and Miami. She made her acting debut in a 2011 episode of the crime drama series ‘Unforgettable.’ Since then, she has appeared in projects like ‘American Crime Story,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ and ‘In the Heights.’ She appears in four episodes of the first season of ‘Russian Doll.’ Although she is not part of the cast of season 2 of the show, that doesn’t mean that she is gone forever. If the plot demands and series creators want, Polanco might return in the future seasons of the series. Polanco is set to star in several upcoming projects, including the TV series ‘Dangerous Moms’ and TV film ‘Blood Relative.’

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