Where Is John Reyes in Russian Doll Season 2? Did Yul Vazquez Leave the Show?

John Reyes (Yul Vazquez) is an important character in the first season of ‘Russian Doll.’ He first appears in the pilot episode, and it is made instantly clear that he and Nadia have a history together. John, a real estate agent, is undergoing a painful divorce because of his affair with Nadia. Their relationship ended about six months before Nadia’s 36th birthday, and it left them both scarred. Between the two, Nadia is better at hiding them. As Nadia tries to deal with her unconventional circumstances throughout the first season, she often asks for John’s help. If you are wondering where he is in season 2, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where Is John Reyes in Russian Doll Season 2?

John Reyes doesn’t appear in the second season of ‘Russian Doll.’ None of the other characters mention him either. Given how important he was to the plot of the first season, this is quite surprising. In season 1, Nadia wants to give a book to John’s daughter Lucy — ‘Emily of New Moon’ by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Because of her tumultuous childhood, Nadia feels a deep connection with Emily. “It’s not really a present, it’s more like something that we share. Emily is the hero,” Nadia tells Lucy while giving her the book. She then starts coughing up blood and pulls a piece of glass from the mirror out of her mouth.

Nadia is approaching her 40th birthday in season 2, so four years have passed in the ‘Russian Girl’ universe between the two seasons. It’s possible that Nadia and John reunited at some point, but it clearly didn’t last. John imploded his life for Nadia. But he admits that the blame lies with him. The only thing he asks of Nadia is her acknowledgment of that happening. And he does get that in the first season. In a way, Nadia successfully giving Lucy the book in one of the time loops can be viewed as a conclusion to her and John’s story. Nadia has continued to live her life, and we can assume so has John.

Did Yul Vazquez Leave the Show?

Vazquez originally hails from Cuba. His family immigrated to the US in 1971 during the Cuban Exodus. In 1992, he made his acting debut in the musical drama ‘The Mambo Kings.’ Vazquez has played a variety of characters in his three-decade-long career, including Victor Lazaro in ‘Magic City,’ Detective Anthony Nikolich in ‘Treme,’ President Tom Westwood in ‘The Lottery,’ and Emilio Sheehan in ‘Midnight, Texas.’ He appears in four episodes of ‘Russian Doll.’

He plays Peter “Petey” Kilmer, the best friend of protagonist Mark Scout, in the well-received Apple TV+ series, ‘Severance.’ Vazquez also portrays Father Ramos in ‘Promised Land.’ Two of his projects are currently in the pipeline: the TV miniseries ‘The White House Plumbers’ and drama film ‘The Prince of Soho.’ Vazquez seems to be quite busy promoting these projects on social media. But that doesn’t mean we should completely rule out his return in future seasons.

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