Does Nancy End up with Jonathan or Steve in Stranger Things?

Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer), Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton), and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) are important characters in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things.’ Their romantic triangle is one of the vital aspects of the overall narrative of the show. At the start of the series, Nancy and Steve are together. But as the series progresses, the disconnect between them grows progressively wider. It all culminates in a drunken confession from Nancy, during which she admits that she doesn’t love Steve. They subsequently break up. Nancy then starts spending more and more time with Jonathan. When season 2 ends, they have begun dating.

Nancy and Jonathan are in a relationship throughout season 3. However, they are forced to part ways in the third season finale when Jonathan moves to California with his family. In season 4, things become even more complicated, with Jonathan and Nancy wanting different things in life and Steve and Nancy growing close once more. If you are wondering whether Nancy will end up with Jonathan or Steve, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Nancy End up with Jonathan or Steve?

Although Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve inhabit a world filled with monsters and superpowers, they are incredibly relatable characters. When season 4 begins, it has been a while since Jonathan moved away from Hawkins. As spring break approaches, Nancy and Jonathan think they will see each other, but that doesn’t happen. The only person that arrives from Indiana is Nancy’s brother, Mike.

Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve are at a very critical stage of their lives. Nancy is all set to attend Emmerson University and wants Jonathan to enroll there as well. However, Jonathan intends to study at Lenora Community College, from where he has already received an acceptance letter. He can’t just leave his family behind and chase a dream that isn’t his. He hasn’t said anything to Nancy about this, fearing that she will forego her own dreams and come to California to be with him. Meanwhile, as they deal with Vecna, the latest monster out of the Upside Down, Steve and Nancy begin to subtly flirt with each other, though all members of their group are aware of it.

Of all the characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ Steve arguably has undergone the most changes. In the first season, he is an archetypical jock of the 1980s cinema, though he already has quite a few redeeming qualities. Steve becomes a fan-favorite character in season 2. In the third season, his friendship with Robin is one of the most impactful aspects of the narrative. Steve continues to grow in season 4, and the prospect of him and Nancy getting back together seems like an extension of that.

All three of these characters have different expectations of their lives. For Nancy and Jonathan, it appears that those expectations are taking them in opposite directions. That doesn’t necessarily mean that their relationship has to end. Many couples endure long-distance relationships during college, and Nancy and Jonathan can be among them. But even that requires certain sacrifices. The question here is whether the two characters are prepared to make them.

Relationships end. People change. It’s all part of the process we call adulting. The relationship between Steve and Nancy didn’t end abruptly. Nancy was aware that she didn’t love Steve and eventually admitted it. However, the recent flirtation seems like the start of something new. If Nancy and Jonathan do end up going to different schools, there is a legitimate chance that Nancy and Steve might get back together.

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