Does Natalia Get Nico Back in Holy Family? Will Julia Kill Natalia?

Originally titled ‘Sagrada Familia,’ Netflix’s Spanish series ‘Holy Family’ revolves around Julia, who helped her son Santi and his wife Natalia by becoming the surrogate mother of their son Nico. When Santi died unexpectedly, Natalia decided to leave for her home country, Argentina, with Nico, only for Julia to abduct the child. She, after assuming the fake identity of Gloria, builds a new life with Nico, her daughter Mariana, and her son Eduardo, who becomes Hugo, Aitana, and Abel respectively. Although Gloria fakes her and her family’s deaths, Natalia and her father, Fernando try their best to find Nico. So, do their efforts pave the way for Natalia and Nico to be reunited? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Natalia’s Search for Nico in Madrid

After seeing Mariana in a magazine photo, Natalia arrives in Madrid to find out the truth behind Gloria and her family’s deaths. After arriving in the Spanish capital, she finds out that Nico is alive. Since she isn’t aware of her father Fernando’s plans to abduct the baby from Julia/Gloria, she takes the matter into her own hands. But she knows that she cannot take her baby back from her late husband’s mother all alone. Thus, she ends up convincing Mariana/Aitana to help her. As Julia’s daughter, Mariana has always stood by her mother’s side, even if it meant sacrificing her own life for it.

For Julia to be with Nico, Mariana had to forsake her dream of attending a conservatory and mastering piano. She ends up studying film so that no one will trace her back to her real identity to expose Julia’s schemes. When Julia spends her time with Blanca and Alicia, Mariana gets prohibited from even making friends. These actions and factors motivate her to explore the unhealthy relationship between her mother and Nico. Soon, she realizes that Julia is trying to replace Santi, Julia’s eldest son and her elder brother, with Nico.

Mariana realizes that Natalia, the real mother of Nico, doesn’t deserve to sacrifice her son just because Julia is unable to move on from Santi’s death. After everything she and Eduardo had to endure, Mariana doesn’t want any other person to forgo a significant part of their life for Julia to tell herself that her dead son is with them through his child. These realizations lead Mariana to take Nico to Natalia, nearly paving the way for the mother and son’s reunion. But before Natalia could take her son from Mariana, Julia stabs her daughter and takes Nico from her.

Since Natalia is along with Julia, Nico, Mariana, and Eduardo, she may still be able to reunite with her son, especially if Julia realizes the gravity of her mistakes. If she understands that she is trying to replace Santi with Nico, negatively affecting Mariana and Eduardo’s lives at the same time, she may consider giving up Nico to his real mother. The possible realization that she has lost herself to even stab Mariana may make her understand that her desire to be with Nico is nearly killing all her loved ones and their dreams. If that’s not the case, Natalia may not even be alive to reunite with Nico.

What is Julia Going to do With Natalia?

When Eduardo witnesses Germán’s attempt to kill Caterina, he realizes that the predicament he and his family are part of is going out of control. He guides his family to their van, holds Natalia at gunpoint to join them, and drives off. Natalia’s fate depends upon what Julia will do after possibly escaping from their community. Julia’s obsession to be with Nico will only consider Natalia as a threat to their togetherness, making her a possible murderer. If Natalia’s death is inevitable for her to be with Nico, Julia most likely will not hesitate to kill her.

However, the aftermath of Natalia’s possible death will be too much for Julia to handle and she may know the same. If she kills Natalia, she will become a murderer on the run, which will make her plans to build a new life in Canada nearly impossible. She may know that the authorities will hunt her down if she kills Natalia. Julia managed to start a new chapter of her life as Gloria only because the police closed the case of her fake death and she won’t get such a chance to build another life again if she kills Natalia unless she manages to do it without leaving a trace.

But for Julia to kill Natalia without leaving any trace of the same, she needs help. After getting stabbed, Mariana is the last person who will help her. Mariana has realized how deadly her mother’s obsession to be with Nico is and after her boyfriend Marcos’ death, it is extremely unlikely that she would want to be a part of another innocent person’s death. Upon witnessing Julia stabbing Mariana, Eduardo may not want to help his mother either, leaving Julia with no one to assist her. Thus, Julia may decide against killing Natalia and plan to run away with Nico, abandoning Mariana and Eduardo, who most likely will not support her in any way anymore.

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