Does Rio Die in Good Girls Season 4?

Over three completed seasons of ‘Good Girls,’ we have seen Beth, Annie, and Ruby come a long way. One would even think that they are crucial to Rio’s money-laundering operation. However, it has been made clear that the women are not happy working for their crime boss, who often threatens them and throws them into dangerous situations. Despite this, we see that Beth has developed a complicated relationship with Rio.

While there is an obvious attraction between the two, they have tried killing each other. At the end of season 3, we see that Beth, Annie, and Ruby once again try to free themselves from Rio’s control and hire a hitman to kill him. Much to their shock, Rio is still alive when the fourth season begins. Since it is not the first time they have made an attempt on his life, the fans do wonder if Rio will finally meet his end in season 4. Let’s dig in and find out what the future holds for the crime boss!

Does Rio Die in Good Girls Season 4?

One cannot deny that even though Rio is dangerous, toxic, and often blackmails our three leads, he has amassed a massive fan following. Apart from the mystery and sex appeal that actor Manny Montana embodies as Rio, the fans particularly enjoy Rio’s sizzling chemistry with Beth. So, while we know that he does not die in season 3, it is not guaranteed that he won’t die by the end of the fourth season.

The co-showrunners Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs have discussed what season 4 looks like for Rio and if fans should be worried about him. They said that the women are desperate to get out of his clutches, so they can do anything. Since the women have tried killing him several times, there is no way of being sure that they will not try again.

The co-showrunners of ‘Good Girls’ had also revealed that a romantic triangle would shape up in season 4 between Beth, Rio, and another person from Rio’s life. Season 4 will also throw light on Rio’s backstory and how he came to be the person he is now. On top of that, Beth will have to work closely with Rio again, which makes things more complicated. Therefore, the fans can be assured that the writers of the show have other plans for Rio. After all, Bans and Krebs love the simmering dynamics between Rio and Beth, which means they are not yet done with Rio’s story arc.

However, Rio has to face real threats since being the head of a crime syndicate also means making innumerable enemies, including the FBI. After all, Rio made things worse when he got FBI Agent Jimmy Turner killed. On the other hand, another agent Phoebe Donnegan is closing in on the crime ring. But Phoebe’s relationship with Beth, Ruby, and Annie is also complicated because she also seems fascinated with them.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bans threw light on Phoebe’s relationships with Beth. She said, “Being with Beth and working alongside Beth, which is a big part of the season, she (Phoebe) really gets to know her. I would say they’re almost more friends than frenemies.” Depending on how far Phoebe is willing to go for Beth and the women if push comes to shove, could it also mean getting rid of Rio? No one knows yet.

Moreover, if Rio dies in season 4, it will not go down well with the fans. Many of them have expressed on social media how they feel about the attractive yet dangerous kingpin of the crime syndicate. Some have even threatened to boycott the show if Rio is killed. After considering all these factors, our best bet is to count on what the showrunners have said, that while the crime boss may be in grave danger, we have not seen the last of him yet.

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