Will Rio and Beth End Up Together in Good Girls?

The crime comedy-drama genre is made richer with shows like ‘Good Girls.’ It revolves around three suburban Michigan women who take a desperate step to improve their financial situation by robbing a local supermarket. Surprisingly, that only marks the beginning of their journey as they gradually make their way into the world of crime. However, the fans have been obsessed with the fascinating and dangerous “relationship” between Beth and her crime boss, Rio. After their steamy encounter in season 2, one can’t help but wonder if there is any chance they will end up together. We are here to help you settle those doubts!

Will Rio and Beth End Up Together?

Even though Beth and Rio constantly one-up each other and make attempts on each other’s lives, the cast and crew have confirmed that both of them have feelings for one another. The series creator, Jenna Bans, revealed that in season 4, we will see Beth and Rio compelled to work together in a way they have never done before. This new situation is bound to strengthen whatever attracts them to each other. Bans confirmed that the chemistry is not something that will fizzle out easily and will continue to bring up “conflicted feelings.”

Manny Montana, who plays Rio, echoed Bans’ statement and said that while the cat-and-mouse chase makes good television, there is an attraction between the characters that one cannot ignore. He said that the complex relationship between Rio and Beth stems from the fact that they dislike each other but also love one another. In an interview, co-showrunner Bill Krebs shared that season 4 will put the spotlight on Rio, and we will learn how he came to be the smooth criminal he is today.

Through this journey into Rio’s past, we will be introduced to an intimidating person from the crime ring, who is important to Rio. Krebs revealed that this person will become a “part of a love triangle” with Beth and Rio. Therefore, this situation and Rio’s origin story will take Beth and Rio’s relationship to a whole new space. Beth has been threatened by Rio several times, but he has not harmed her directly.

In season 3, Rio even holds a gun to her face and compels her to print more money. But when Beth’s husband Dean messes up the plan, he is not worried about Rio’s reaction because he feels that the gangster would not kill something he loves (Beth). Bans confirmed this and said that Rio would not kill Beth because he has a “twisted obsession” with her and her potential in the world of crime. However, she warned the fans that it does not mean that the crime boss wouldn’t harm Annie or Ruby.

The volatile and explosive dynamics have also gotten several fans discussing Beth and Rio’s relationship, or “Brio,” as they like to call them. While some are excited to see them together, others feel that a solid relationship between them may never materialize. Some fans refer to Rio as a “wild card,” implying that his feelings for Beth are unpredictable and could take any form. A few have gone as far as saying that Rio may only be pretending to have feelings for Beth so that he can use her for personal gains.

We know that Beth meets Rio’s ex-wife, Rhea, in season 3. Could this be Rio’s way of manipulating Beth and weakening her? Possibly. There is no doubt that Beth and Rio have a complicated relationship, but it sets the tone for whatever lies ahead for them. For now, we know that the show is not yet done with the sizzling chemistry between Beth and Rio, and we will see them get romantically involved in the future.

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