Does Roscoe Die in Reacher?

Image Credit: Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video

Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) is a firebrand police officer working for the Margrave Police Department. She has spent most of her life in the Georgian town, and in many ways, she is the perfect foil for the drifting protagonist of the show. Her seemingly peaceful hometown is rocked by a series of murders just when Jack Reacher arrives. Jack is inevitably viewed as a suspect by almost all her colleagues, but not her. If anything, she is intrigued by this gigantic embodiment of frontier justice. Roscoe is the season’s lead female character. If you are wondering whether she survives in ‘Reacher,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Roscoe Die?

No, Roscoe doesn’t die in the first season of ‘Reacher.’ The show is the web adaptation of British author Lee Child’s book series of the same name, with the first season being based on the first book, titled ‘Killing Floor.’ Like in the source material, Roscoe plays a prominent role in the series. Shortly after arriving in Margrave, Reacher is arrested on suspicion of murder and is brought to the police station. It is there that he and Roscoe meet for the first time.

After she processes him, Roscoe discovers that there is absolutely nothing about him on the internet. Meanwhile, her colleague, Finlay, interrogates Reacher and finds out that he used to be military police. For most of the episode, Reacher tries to get out of Margrave. But towards the end, he discovers that the dead man in the town is none other than his older brother Joe. As Reacher embarks on a path of vengeance and justice, he is helped by both Finlay and Roscoe.

Image Credit: Shane Mahood/Amazon Prime Video

Roscoe is physically as different from Reacher as she can possibly be. She is a small, petite woman capable of great bravery. Throughout the season, she doesn’t retreat in the face of danger, which sometimes lands her in serious trouble. Towards the end of the season, it is revealed that Picard, the FBI agent whom Finlay trusted with the safety of Charlie and her children, is corrupt. Roscoe gets captured and is held to force Reacher into compliance.

In the climactic scene, when Reacher, Finlay, and the others come to rescue her, Charlie, and Charlie’s two daughters, Roscoe gets freed. While Reacher goes after KJ, the mastermind behind everything and his brother’s killer, and Finlay takes on Picard, Roscoe seeks revenge from Mayor Grover Teale, the man responsible for the death of Detective Gray, her mentor, and father figure. She cuffs Teale and points her gun at him, telling him to stop. However, he tries to shoot her with his free hand, leaving her with no choice but to kill him. Afterward, right before he leaves Margrave, Reacher suggests that she should run for the mayoral office, which she admits is a great idea.

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