Is Reacher’s Margrave a Real Town?

Image Credit: Keri Anderson/Amazon Studios

Amazon Prime Video’s action series ‘Reacher’ follows Jack Reacher, a former United States Army Military Police Corps officer, who arrives at a quaint Georgia town as a Blues admirer. Reacher’s arrival parallels with a series of murders that happen in the town after years. The show progresses through the former officer’s attempts to unravel the truth that is hidden beneath the quietness of the town of Margrave. While the mystery behind the murders gradually unravels, one must be wondering whether the appealing-yet-obscure town exists in the real world. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Margrave a Real Town?

No, Margrave is not a real town. The fictional Georgia town is created by author Lee Child as the setting of his novel ‘Killing Floor,’ the source novel of ‘Reacher’ season 1. Margrave is presented as an idyllic and picturesque rural town in the state of Georgia, sharing borders with Alabama. Reacher arrives at Margrave to revive the memories of late Blues singer Blind Blake. However, he gets severely involved in the inexplicable murders that happen in Margrave. Reacher’s investigation reveals that the place is far from a quaint little town and has become a hideout for criminals and considerable crimes.

Image Credit: Shane Mahood/Amazon Studios

Margrave’s outlook changes when Mr. Kliner Sr. sets his company up in the town five years before Reacher’s arrival. The industrialist acquired a significant amount of land to set up his industrial empire in return for his investments in the town. The cash inflow by Kliner has changed the appearance of Margrave outrightly. Along with Kliner and his company — Kliner Industries, the town inadvertently started hosting his criminal empire. Thus, the quiet town is now the home of a notorious counterfeit ring. Suddenly, murders, one after the other, become the new normal in Margrave.

Considering its features, Margrave does resemble numerous rural towns in the American South. The fields, scenic landscapes, and a small social community clearly define Margrave as a relatable town in the country. Even within its fictional boundaries, Margrave is an easily believable town. The Mayor’s (tyrannical) authority over the citizens and his corruption of power to associate with Kliner play a part in the town’s history. Beyond the regular families that reside in the town, Margrave is the abode of Kliner and Mayor Teale’s vicious interests.

Even though the fictional town is located in Georgia, the filming of ‘Reacher’ primarily takes place mainly in Ontario, Canada. Canadian filming locations of the show include Toronto and Port Perry, seemingly standing in for Margrave. The scenic town plays a pivotal part in the show’s narrative, especially concerning Kliner Industries, the counterfeit money dealings, and Reacher’s investigation. Due to its simplicity, the town of Margrave succeeds in captivating the viewers’ hearts initially and becomes mysterious as the show progresses.

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