Does Sergio Peris-Mencheta’s El Oso Die in Snowfall? Theories

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

The sixth season of FX’s crime drama seriesSnowfall’ revolves around Franklin Saint, who tries to bring down his former ally Theodore “Teddy” McDonald. Teddy steals Franklin’s $73 million, making the latter struggle hard to get it back. He strikes a deal with Teddy’s right-hand man Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata to bring down the former CIA agent and retrieve his money from him. Oso is also under the watch of the DEA, who uses him to capture Teddy. Since the former luchador is an integral part of the drug scene of Los Angeles, the viewers must be concerned about his fate. Well, here are our thoughts about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

DEA’s Shift Could Seal Oso’s Fate

The sixth season of the series begins with the DEA, KGB, and Franklin Saint trying to bring down Teddy. Since Oso is the former CIA agent’s right-hand man, they all try to have him on their respective teams. Oso knows that he cannot remain with Teddy for long. His obligations towards Xiamara and her two children make him strike deals with not one but two devils. He promises to help the DEA to capture Teddy with drugs to lock him up for good and assists Franklin for him to get his money back from his previous partner-in-crime. Even though Oso strikes these deals to save his life, the same ends up threatening the former luchador.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

In the eighth episode of the sixth season, Oso leads Franklin to Teddy. The former CIA agent gets stunned to see Oso helping his enemy and realizes that the former luchador is betraying him. If Franklin kills Teddy, Oso may succeed in safeguarding his life by running away from the country with the money and passport the young kingpin of the City of Angels’ drug scene gave him. He may reunite with Xiamara and her kids, far away from the bloody streets of Los Angeles. But Franklin may not be able to kill Teddy right away since the former needs his $73 million back from the latter.

If Teddy buys himself more time to return the money to Franklin, Oso may struggle to stay away from death. Teddy may even kill Oso for betraying him by joining hands with Franklin. If that’s the case, not even the young kingpin may intervene and save Oso. As far as Franklin is concerned, he has done everything Oso has asked for. Since their deal comes to completion in the eighth episode of the season, Franklin may prioritize getting his money back over Oso’s life. Even if the kingpin kills Teddy right away, Oso’s life may remain threatened, especially after Rubén’s attack on the DEA officers to save the Mexican man.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

The DEA doesn’t lock Oso up thinking he will be essential to capture Teddy. Now that he has delivered the drugs to frame Teddy, the authorities don’t need Oso’s help anymore. Since the agency also loses an informant, they may act vengefully towards their former ally. If that’s the case, officials may shoot Oso on sight, possibly before he could leave the country to reunite with Xiamara. Oso has associated with several groups thinking one of them may help him leave the country for good. These associations may end up threatening his life, especially in the case of Rubén and the KGB.

After leading Rubén to Teddy, Oso beats the Cuban spy up. If Rubén manages to survive the attack, he may not act kindly towards the former luchador. Considering that Oso’s attack also jeopardizes the KGB’s plans to capture Teddy, they may retaliate viciously by aiming to kill Oso. Having said that, Oso’s escape from death isn’t an impossibility. If Franklin finds a way to lay his hands on the money Teddy stole from him, he may make necessary arrangements for Oso to run away from the country.

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